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Only hours left til Selection Sunday

George Mason Basketball: Only hours left til Selection Sunday

Saturday, March 15, 2008

Only hours left til Selection Sunday

So Mason pulled it off, they really did it. Despite most of the fans feeling a CAA tournmanet championship was all but impossible I had a feeling we would see the team's best basketball in Richmond. And even though the Mason bookstore is already screwing up new t-shirt designs, you have to feel confident about this team if your a fan. Enough of this "who will be this year's George Mason" talk, this guys can make noise again just like they did two years ago. Speaking of two years ago, current bracketology has us matched up with UConn in the first round, wouldn't that be interesting. But I would not put too much stock into that because it will most likely change 5 more times before tomorrow afternoon.

The Patriots will most likely be 12 or 13 seed and with that in mind I see some potential 4 or 5 seed teams they would be able to handle in the first round. Teams like Butler and Drake come to mind as they are fellow mid-majors but I also would say Notre Dame and Michigan State also come to mind. Also teams led by stellar freshman also don't have the best track record in the tournament so that would factor in teams like Indiana. Predicting the seeding is always impossible because the selection committee always has a few surprises and we were one of them in 2006.



Blogger Matt Scanlon said...

VCU has a stronger bid than I think most bracketologist are giving them credit for.

How can Oregon and ASU get bids with fewer than 20 wins?

VCU won games. What else can you do?

4:34 PM  
Blogger W. Rhodes said...

Posted to the Connect Mason front page.

Also ... would you be interested in participating in a roundtable-like vid conference? Connect Mason is looking to get some Mason sports fans together to talk about the upcoming NCAA run.

Please email me if you're savvy.

Whitney Rhodes
Connect Mason Director

11:23 PM  
Blogger neil said...

Taking Bracketology for what is it (an educated guess by one person), there is a strong argument for Mason to be a 12 seed over all current 12 seeds: Temple, Ohio St., Western Kentucky, and Oregon. Oregon is the best of the 12 seeds but has the worst record (however, Pac-10 is very strong as we know).

I would not be too upset if we remain a 13 seed, but I'd rather play Drake over UConn. Even though both teams are good, Coach will devise a master defensive plan for Drake and UConn's size would be tough.

I love the madness that is march!

12:46 AM  

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