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Different year same result

George Mason Basketball: Different year same result

Sunday, March 02, 2008

Different year same result

The Patriots ended their season exactly like they did last year, with a loss in Boston to the Northeastern Huskies. Almost fitting that this regular season ends with another loss on the road with the way things have gone this year. The loss along with UNCW's win yesterday gets the Patriots a #3 seed in the CAA tournament next weekend where they will face the winner of the Northeastern/JMU game. Theoretically it looks like the Patriots might have to play a team they just lost to and then UNCW, a team that not only beat them twice but also the one to do so at home. Not the most ideal match-up but the Patriots will have to play at a higher level than they have of late if they want to have any success next weekend. Folarin Campbell and Will Thomas have remained the strong even during Mason's recent struggles but it's the supporting cast that has had it's ups and down. John Vaughan's consistent play deteriorated some and Dre Smith has gone scoreless in the last two games. Louis Birdsong got a little banged up yesterday and missed a lot of the 2nd half and Jordan Carter played 1 minute. What has happened to this team's depth? It was good to see Cam Long log 20+ minutes again but his freshman miscues at the point are far from over it seems. Fellow freshman Isaiah Tate saw his most significant playing time yesterday and got a chance to show off his athleticism scoring back to back baskets to cut the Huskie lead to 50-46. That was as close as the Patriots would come and with this lack of support from the bench I don't see how Mason will deal with these 2nd half runs by their opponents.


Blogger mooky_l3d said...

Where are the big guys to replace Birdsong. We were beat up in the boards and turnovers were just high school. Where was Flemming and Vlad. In the begining of the season Vlad had some bright spots but that is all they were just spots, Flemming usually the "Hustle Man" for Mason has not played if he has it has been forgetable. This is not the way to come to a tournement. I don't know maybe they are just saving up and will let it all out in Richmond. If not I will save some money on tickets and parking. Maybe I am the only one but I am very disappointed with this season with this team. I had much higher exepectations and was let down it seems like every road game.

6:58 PM  
Blogger Trent said...

I just don't see Northeastern beating Mason back-to-back in one week's time. In regards to UNCW, there's an old basketball rule of thumb...a good team does not beat another good team three times in one year. I'm hoping this proves true once again.

10:38 PM  
Blogger Brannman. know it's good for you. said...

Considering there's at least six games we should have won, this season is a disappointment. But, I'm trying to share Trent's perspective regarding the tourney. I just don't see us winning it, though. It's gonna be a tough weekend in Richmond for Mason fans.

6:50 AM  
Blogger Christopher said...

Was thinking about going to Richmond but just don't see us doing anything.

I keep trying to think of last year where we got absolutely thrashed by Northeastern and then somehow played our best ball in the conference tournament.

We are just really limping to the finish line right now. I mean why are we so bad on the road?

There were about 5 people at that Northeastern game so it's not like we were intimidated by the crowd. Playing in Richmond will be like playing on the road, we just need to at least beat Northeastern and then most likely look forward to the NIT or the College Invitational.

12:17 PM  
Blogger neil said...

Get your butts to Richmond for a great run in the tournament. You guys sound like Boston Red Sox fans before they broke the curse. We will need everyone at the tournament for our boys and especially the championship game to try and combat the onslaught of VCU fans.

Which leads me to my final thought - Richmond should no longer host the CAA tournament since it is no longer central to the CAA teams. Go Mason!

6:34 PM  
Blogger mooky_l3d said...

That is a good thought Neil. But the CAA has a 10 year agreement with Richmond to be the host. Plus with CAA headquarters in Richmond I don't think that any team besides VCU will ever get the homecourt advantage.

The best place to play would be Cole Field House at The U of Maryland. Central location and not near anyone but Towson. They never win so who cares about that.

8:25 PM  

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