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Heart break at Homecoming

George Mason Basketball: Heart break at Homecoming

Sunday, February 17, 2008

Heart break at Homecoming

Homecoming seemed to be going great, drinking was allowed back in the parking lots for tailgating, everyone and their mother was there sporting their Mason pride. Then TJ Carter just had to sink that lay-up at the buzzer to end the game and hopes of a sold out Mason crowd who now are rooting for a third place team. I just knew TJ Carter and Chad Tomko would have big games. I can't believe Tomko is a freshman, kid was on fire. Our first home loss of the season and it had to come on homecoming, although with the amount of alcohol flowing I think some people are only realizing it this afternoon. It was a let down to say the least, Will Thomas and Folarin Campbell were on top of their games and even Jordan Carter who I recently just blasted sank three treys to keep Mason in the game late. The Patriots left a lot of points on the free throw line, shocking I know. But what was actually shocking in this game was when Larranaga put in the "green team" early in the first half. I have never seen Isiah Tate in the game so early. The score was 9-2 with the Patriots on top, so why change things? Coach L has done this before and I never understood it, your starters are just starting a run and you cut that short? No lead has been safe to the Patriots this year, why jeopardize that in an important game? UNCW played incredible at certain points yesterday, they seemed so unfazed by the large Mason crowd and kept making shots when it counted. My hat goes off to them, but Mason had their changes and blew it. Not the loss you want to take with the CAA tournament just around the corner. At-large talk is out the window so that tournament in Richmond is really my only focus right now for this team. Believe it or not first place is still not out of the question with ODU beating VCU on the road yesterday.


Blogger Trent said...

Ryan, delete the above message. It's a downloader...nasty stuff.

8:31 PM  
Blogger Brannman. know it's good for you. said...

Great pt. about the "Green Team." It made no sense, especially after UNCW came back, for that early line-up switch at 9-2. Think about it...what we possibly could have done with a huge early lead. But, Smith and Vaughan still shot like crap from behind the arc, and we still missed 7 freebies from the line as a team.

I don't get why we were still tossing up 3s, when Thomas showed early that he wasn't going to be fine inside this time vs. UNCW...

As for Jordan Carter - I loved the late 3s, but he MISSED a wide-open lay-up under the basket with no one him. That's another 2 pts. we could have used.

This drives me crazy.

6:47 AM  
Blogger neil said...

We should not be having this year with this team. We should be ranked 16th in the nation and cruising into CAA tournament knowing we have at least a 6-8 seed in NCAA tournament. I cannot believe how this year has gone. This team blowing huge second half leads? It has been so frustrating, especially since Campbell and Thomas have been playing so great.

10:51 AM  
Blogger sportsfan882 said...

That's exactly how I envisioned this season, Neil. What a disappointment.

3:46 PM  
Blogger Trent said...

Granted, it was a tough, bitter loss, but hey, they still have a chance to bounce back in a big way. They've got an excellent opportunity to win four straight--including the BracketBuster--and take alot of momentum into the conference tournament. Their NCAA hopes are far from over.

11:21 PM  

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