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Ode to the Seniors

George Mason Basketball: Ode to the Seniors

Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Ode to the Seniors

What a run these seniors have given us. With all that has gone on this season, they have still given us memories and accomplishments that might never be matched again. Mason could win a national championship ten years from now but no one will ever forget the improbable Final Four appearance in 2006. As Will Thomas, Folarin Campbell, and Jordan Carter play their final home game tonight (barring any NIT home game action) I think I won't be the only one who is not quite ready to see these guys go. And that is why I am not holding my head in my hands after some the team's recent losses. Last year Mason came out of the 5th seed to reach the CAA finals and this year we are in a much better position to do that again. You can read about how the Patriots aren't an at-large team anymore here and here but it's dumb to get lost in all that conversation with regular season games still left to play. This team controls it's own destiny and the more I think about the more confident I am in seeing this team run the table in Richmond. Seniors Will Thomas and Folarin Campbell have carried this team on their backs and I would not be surprised to see a similar performance in Richmond next weekend. Campbell has been playing his best basketball this season lately and Will Thomas has been a rock in the middle all year, these guys have what it takes to get it done, the real question remains is whether or not the supporting cast will be up to par. Tonight's game against W&M should really be a test to see if this team is focused and not rattled by their most recent road meltdown. They need to look past last weekend and focus on winning the CAA auto-bid. At the beginning of the season I admit I did not think we have to worry about the CAA tourney but it is what it is now.


Blogger Christopher said...

Will definitely be standing and applauding for Folarin and Will tonight, even Jordan.

You are right they have contributed a ton to this program. I guess Mason doesn't retire jerseys but if they did I think Will's #34, Folarin's #42, Jai's #55, Lamar's #22 and Tony's #1 would belong up there.

I don't share your optimisim for the conference tournament but you make a good point, no one gave us a shot last year either. Let's get a win tonight, figure out a way to get a win in Northeastern and take on all comers in the conference tournament.

10:05 AM  
Blogger Brannman. know it's good for you. said...

If anyone is really bored, some idiots from other CAA schools are having a war of words with me over Mason. I could use some support. There's a lot of hate for our alma mater out there. (I'm the "Shawn" comments.)

As for tonight...can't wait to be there. Campbell and Thomas deserve a 10-minute standing ovation - and I won't forget the contributions that Carter's made in his career as well.


12:26 PM  
Blogger neil said...

Our season this year has and will continue to rest on the ability of Vaughn to be the third option. It seems like when Vaughn is out on the break making his awesome drives, hitting jumpers, and playing good defense, we win. When he is not making shots and turning the ball over, we lose. And it seems like he gets in a funk when things don't go well and his attitude turns bad. We need the best of Vaughn to win the CAA tournament or to win a few NIT games.

7:23 PM  
Blogger Christopher said...

Tough, grind it out win over William and Mary.

All year I have been wondering how in the hell William and Mary was playing so well in conferece. I got to see it first hand tonight. What they lack in athleticism they make up for by playing sound, fundamental basketball.

Their zone defenses gave us problems all night and they have some good shooters.

Huge game Saturday against Northeastern, win and we clinch the #2 seed in the CAA tournament, lose and we will likely be in a jumbled mess with ODU and UNCW.

1:20 AM  

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