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Let the Madness Begin

George Mason Basketball: Let the Madness Begin

Sunday, March 16, 2008

Let the Madness Begin

The day has come and in only a few hours we will know the Patriots first round opponent. There is a ton of speculation out there but the consensus seems to be that Mason will end up a 13 seed. Currently ESPN bracketology has the Patriots facing off against Notre Dame as a 12 seed and is predicting a first round rematch of the 2006 tourney with us facing Michigan St. and CBS Sports both predict a 13 seed. Frankly I don't think an 11 or 12 seed is out of the question when you factor in Mason's significant wins. The other factor that can hurt our seeding is the lack of success on the road which will probably be the reason we are a 13 seed. The anticipation is killing me.



Blogger Jeremy Beales said...

Notre Dame baby! We can beat them no problem. Will will match up well with their big man and Folarin should be a tough match up for them. They have a pretty small backcourt. We'll need good defense from Dre Smith and Cam Long to lock down their point guard but this is definitely a winnable game.

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