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George Mason bounces back with road win at JMU

George Mason Basketball: George Mason bounces back with road win at JMU

Monday, February 04, 2013

George Mason bounces back with road win at JMU

George Mason bounced back from an awful game versus Drexel to continue their winning streak over James Madison. They have now beaten JMU nine straight times, so at least that hasn't changed in the Paul Hewitt era so far. A pleasant surprise for the Patriots was the play late in the game from Jon Arledge, who scored a career-high 19 points. Arledge also hit two clutch free-throws down the stretch when Sherrod Wright was shook up after a flagrant foul and couldn't take the shots himself. Mason rebounded the ball much better and got a ton of second chance opportunities. I'm guessing the team made this a focal point of their practices after their poor efforts against Drexel. It turned out to be the difference in the game as the Dukes were making a serious run in the second half.

Mason has a quick turnaround and play at ODU tonight. They are still in the mix to get back into second place in the standings and another road win could go a long way. This game scares me a bit because with how bad ODU's season has gone so far, this is basically their Super Bowl. They have always played tough against the Patriots on in Norfolk. Mason is so inconsistent anything is possible.



Anonymous Matt_LC said...

Still frustrating to get big leads and lose them, this time it didn't burn us but it's not any less frustrating. For 27 min of play Copes' 6 pts is probably a realistic expectation but only 5 boards!? He's way bigger the Goings etc. Allen had 7 assists, I still want to see more of him every game w/ Corey at the point. I was thinking about Cam's numbers a few years back and he always seemed to score and dish assists. Sherrod is so busy carrying the offense and he doesn't have the effective bigs Cam had, so we are left with fewer assists from our PG and from our top player. I also think if we were actually running an offense or at least adjusting what we run, we have the size for an effective high/low approach. I do feel like we have the skilled players to get it on track anytime but the reality seems to be that the coaching staff hasn't gotten them into that position-young squad or not!

11:28 AM  
Anonymous StopWearingPurple said...

That was a pretty ugly game. JMU was having a terrible day and GMU kept letting them back in it.

Why is Gujanicic part of bringing the ball up court? Late in the game while it was still close Allen lost it in the back court and Edwards was already down court. Shouldn’t he come back to help if there is double team or trap?

Now it is time to spin the George Mason wheel of offense. Which player will have a “break out” game tonight??? Will it Copes suddenly get some inside shots or will Vaughns or Gray suddenly hit some random 3’s? Tune in tonight and find out.

5:17 PM  
Anonymous gmuhoops said...

Marko helps break the press and get the ball over half court. Don't you remember how bad they were at this last year?

1:42 PM  

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