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George Mason wins another foul happy affair

George Mason Basketball: George Mason wins another foul happy affair

Sunday, January 20, 2013

George Mason wins another foul happy affair

This years George Mason is getting more consistent, but just not in the areas that a coach would like to see.  They have let countless teams hang around in games they did not have any business hanging around in  this year. The main reason for this has been because they send teams to the foul line at an alarming rate. Saturday against Hofstra was another prime example. The Pride shot 22.9% from the field but were able to stay in the game late because of the Patriots fouling. Sherrod Wright was again big for Mason and Corey Edwards continued to keep the pace for Mason, although it wasn't a great pace on offense. Still, the two did what was needed in order to get the win at home and secure third place in the CAA.

We will see what the Patriots are really made of during their next two games. They have fought some some adversity this season and it's time to start seeing if they have learned anything from it. With Edwards running the point the offense has been better at times but we are still seeing a slew of awful possession at times. It nearly doomed them again in this one but Hofstra was just so bad on offense that it wasn't exposed much. Also it was another night with a different second scorer. Jon Arledge, who barely played in the prior game tallied 8 points and 7 rebounds in 15 minutes of action. Still no consistent second scorer and I think having to rely on a different guy each night it's going to be good towards the end of this CAA schedule.

[Photo by Bill Bride]



Anonymous StopWearingPurple said...

They should have blown these guys out of the water and instead let them hang around. They put them at the line way to often and let's not blame the refs. Take the win, but manage expectations for success against better teams accordingly.

11:57 AM  
Anonymous Matt_LC said...

Same story each game, Sherrod contributes and rarely do we have a second player in double figures. when we do post something ridiculous like "Arledge emerges" or "Marco finds his strides" (these are not direct quotes)--one good game does not demonstrate a second or third true presence on the team. It is really frustrating to see how little we get from the bigs. You would think with our size we could run some great high-low offense. Corey has been better but still has game with only 2-3 assists, that's not enough. I like these guys, we have more size and depth than any team in the CAA but you would never know it with the lack of productivity and sloppiness on both ends. Hewitt seems like a good enough person but what I'm seeing out of the players leaves me wanting a different coach and completely unenthusiastic for what's ahead in Feb! VCU in the top 25 makes it ever harder to stomach how lame we appear. Miami ranked 25, 4-0 in conference, may get rocked by #1 Wed. night but they are still better than us!

1:37 PM  

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