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George Mason looks to regroup against Drexel

George Mason Basketball: George Mason looks to regroup against Drexel

Wednesday, January 30, 2013

George Mason looks to regroup against Drexel

Both Drexel and George Mason have had their share of disappointing losses this season. First place in the CAA standing seems out of reach for both and their could be a log jam for second place very soon. The Patriots were just ran out of Boston last weekend against Northeastern, who are clearly the favorite to claim the CAA's autobid to the dance this year, and are looking to regroup. They have responded well to losses like this during the year but there have still been too many of them. As it stands now these games are nearly just preparation for the CAA tournament in March, because that is Mason's only shot at a postseason berth. We haven't seen this team improve much during the course of the year but February is certainly a good time start. 

There are still 10 CAA games left for the Patriots and a lot could happen. They need to use these group of games to find an identity on offense or at least find something that consistently works outside of Sherrod Wright. The latest punch to the gut by Northeastern might force the team to look themselves in the mirror and perhaps finally show them that discipline is needed on both ends. Can they make a run this February? Sure, but a lot still needs to be fixed.

The rotation is a mess, they still can't defend the perimeter, and they can't stop fouling. The Patriots have had 16 foul-outs this year, there are only two other programs in the entire country who have had more than that. That's pretty alarming for a veteran coach like Paul Hewitt to have without a roster full of freshman. As a team they average 20.8 fouls a game (15th most in the nation) and while teams have been killing them at the line as much lately it's still a terrible way to play defense. 

On offense, the trio of Corey Edwards, Bryon Allen, and Sherrod Wright looked promising when sharing the court together but were very ineffective against Northeastern. It certainly doesn't help when your front court players are playing as badly as Mason's have been. It's obvious that they try to get these guys going early and sometimes they have had early success but I think this team badly needs some sort of an offensive makeover. It's very unlikely Hewitt will do that and if that's the case the team will basically go only as far as Sherrod Wright can carry them.



Anonymous Andy Minor said...

My biggest question for this Thursday is which magazine to bring to read during the various 8 minute scoring droughts and foul-o-ramas that will no doubt happen during the game.

1:43 PM  
Anonymous Rick Jank said...

I wouldn't mind fouls being on the high side as a result of aggressive defense and also knowing our depth allows us to throw a lot of players at the opposition, but the numbers are kind of ridiculous. I don't want to jinx it by mentioning it, but lately it seems Marko (our clear leader in fouls per minute and likely a contender for the national title) has given up on trying to teach the refs Euro-ball and is learning how not to commit American fouls. And by cutting down fouls would be he might get more court time to develop his game. We need someone to learn how to make those body-up bunny shots!

4:42 PM  

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