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A hilarious and fair assessment of George Mason

George Mason Basketball: A hilarious and fair assessment of George Mason

Thursday, January 31, 2013

A hilarious and fair assessment of George Mason

Mark Selig is a beat writer who covers James Madison and occasionally writes CAA updates for Rush the Court. In his latest CAA report he gives George Mason a pretty rough assessment but one that is also pretty funny:
"The Patriots can catch a matinee screening of “This Is 40.” Remember when Judd Apatow movies were comic gold? That was right around the time George Mason rose to a national prominence and maintained a run as one of the nation’s best mid-major programs. Now, Apatow is throwing together mediocre films based on the characters of his greatest hits. And George Mason’s putting together teams that can compete in the CAA, but are largely irrelevant on a bigger scale. Much like the Apatow movies, where the stars have moved on to bigger and better things, the face of Mason’s success – coach Jim Larranaga – is now down in Miami leading the ACC’s most sneaky-dangerous team."
Let's be honest it's spot on and the Judd Apatow movie comparisons are brilliant!


Anonymous Doug Economou said...

It's all true. How does one argue?

2:33 PM  
Anonymous Andrew Tyler said...

Where do I start with Mason basketball? We have been hanging on to our 1 magical year for 6 years now. Since then, we have been a mediocre team at best. Mason officials have decided to make basketball our main athletic focus and we still aren't good. Homecoming is the only game we come close to selling out yet they still think they are good enough to charge $20/ticket. The Green Machine still plays the same Bon Jovi song, "Livin on a Prayer" every single game. Livin' on a Prayer? Really? Although I guess it fits. Mason basketball has to live on a prayer because we lack actual ability. GMU's motto is "George Mason: Where innovation is tradition", but how can we be innovative if we hold on to events that took place years ago and don't seek new opportunities in the future. It's time for a change. Other schools in our conference have added football to their athletics department and have seen great success. We need football!

2:51 PM  
Anonymous Lou said...

Not to say that we're not struggling this year, but some of your points are incorrect. Sold out our first home game this year with UVA. Two years ago, Mason got its best NCAA seed ever and won its first round game. As for other conference schools adding football and their athletic departments seeing great success, you might take a glance at where ODU is in the basketball standings.

4:53 PM  
Anonymous Rick Jank said...

I watched some the Miami-Virginia Tech game last night on TV. Saw a couple of Mason shirts in the stands and thought, why not? It's not the first time I've checked in on a Miami game. Might as well share in someone's success, even if it's a former coach. I've even stopped in on Luke Hancock in a couple of Louisville games to see how he's faring (not as much playing time as he got with Mason, but still he's a valuable contributor). I'm still true to the green and gold, hoping for the best, hoping I'm wrong about the doom and gloom outlook. But the luster is certainly gone from the season, and until we get a coaching change I'm not optimistic that we'll get beyond "competitive in the CAA."

5:43 PM  
Anonymous dc said...

Funny, after the critique from JMU I can almost always find this blog at the top when I do a search for George Mason basketball and now it disappeared from the top 10. I wonder if the admin didn't like the brutal honesty and cranked up the other "George Mason authorized" sites to show up higher on the search list. I've been watching the top recruits list and also noticed Mason slipping compared to others--including VCU before they made the final four. Mason's been making a lot of questionable decisions on admin., programs, faculty, guest speakers. Maybe we who give our hard earned money should start demanding to have a say!

11:36 PM  
Anonymous StopWearingPurple said...

Lou is right, GMU was a very good team that year. They got an at large bid and had a good first round win. Unfortunately the highest seeding also meant the next game was against the #1 seed Ohio State who simply didn't miss from 3pt land. Then Larranaga got frustrated the administraton and left. I am now getting the feeling that year may have been the last good year for a very long time.

5:09 PM  

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