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Lowly Towson Tigers visit Patriot Center this Saturday

George Mason Basketball: Lowly Towson Tigers visit Patriot Center this Saturday

Friday, January 20, 2012

Lowly Towson Tigers visit Patriot Center this Saturday

While this is definitely a down year for the CAA as a whole, perennial bottom-feeder Towson is enduring one of the worst seasons in Division I college basketball history.  It's been more than a calendar year since the Tigers won a game and have a current losing streak that is only bested by an NJIT team that lost 59 straight. They however were going through a transition from Division II, what's the Tigers excuse? This is what prompted me to be so critical of George Mason's game against them earlier this season. It was a game where the Patriots jumped out to a big early lead and then seemed to get disinterested in finishing off a vastly inferior team. The team we are currently seeing now from Paul Hewitt and company is a far cry from what we saw in that game. Mason could probably bench their entire starting line-up and beat this Towson team by at least 12 or so points.  But realistically the Patriots can't lose their focus in this game and I'd like to see them continue to limit the mistakes and make good shot selections. It will be a great game to give some of the younger players more minutes, such as Vaughn Gray, Corey Edwards, and Jonathan Arledge.  I'm assuming Erik Copes is still going to be held out of this one because why rush him back for this game?

The numbers on Towson this season are scary bad, which I guess isn't surprising.  Their leading scorers average 11.5 and 11.2 points a game and as a team they shoot only 36.5% from the field (#343 nationally out of 344 teams). They are dead last in every single shooting category I could find among CAA teams and average more than 18 turnovers a game.   Against Drexel earlier this season they lost 60-27 which prompted this tweet from Seth Davis: 

It's hard to disagree with that statement.


UPDATE: Looks as though Erik Copes will indeed be held out of this one:



Anonymous Christopher Hirsch said...

They should just pretend its snowing and their bus broke down.

10:42 AM  
Anonymous Charlie T said...

Makes you wonder why UVA won 57-50. Again not that I know but I would imagine one of the hardest things in coaching is to prepare a team to play teams where your players have little or no respect for the opposition. This is why when I look at the schedule and how we are playing now I stop myself from thinking just what game we would not be favored. Then I look at the play by play of last nights VCU-William and Mary game and come back to earth. We have to play every game with one objective and that is to break the will to resist. We have the depth to not depend on everyone playing well but I still would like us to create some consistency. It is still early and anything can happen especially on the road but I really like what I see and that is a credit to all involved.

11:26 AM  
Anonymous Taylormade703 said...

We should win by 40.  That said, we could play half-hearted, lose to Towson and break their 37 game losing streak, and end up on Sportscenter.  I'm hoping for the win by 40 one.

BTW, I have a feeling there are gonna be a bunch of "Fear the Beard" shirts at the PC tomorrow.

5:40 PM  
Anonymous Moses said...

How about some love for Anthony Grant's Crimson Tide. Taking Kentucky to the mat at Rupp. Always liked Anthony. His teams play hard.

1:31 PM  

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