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Previewing George Mason at James Madison

George Mason Basketball: Previewing George Mason at James Madison

Friday, January 13, 2012

Previewing George Mason at James Madison

TV: 7 p.m. CSN+, if you don't know what channel that is on your provider go here

A quick turnaround for George Mason as they took a flight straight from Philly last night to Harrisonburg, VA to prepare for Saturday night's game against James Madison. This is the last game of that crucial stretch on their schedule and going 3-1 on it could go a long way this season. I watched VCU-JMU last night before the Mason-Drexel game and noticed that the Dukes don't have much of a front court presence. They do however  have one of the most productive back courts in the CAA.  They have lost space-eater Rayshawn Goins for the season due to a shoulder injury and senior forward Julius Wells is out with a heart condition.  That leaves the team painfully thin in the paint and is an area Mason should dominate in this game.  Ryan Pearson, who has one field goal in the last two games will hopefully get back on track in this one.  In their 20-point loss to VCU last night JMU was out-rebounded 42-26.  In other words the Morrison-Pearson-Copes trio should control the paint Saturday night.

JMU is relying heavily on their backcourt this season and have some of the conference's better shooting guards. As a team they have made the 2nd most three-pointers in the CAA. Guards Humpty Hitchens and A.J. Davis could have a night like Damion Lee from Drexel had if Mason doesn't do a better job on defense. JMU is a team that likes to run so this could be more of a track meet compared to the grudge matches we have seen recently.  Mason is the deeper team and will try to wear out the Dukes. I would expect Mason to get to the free-throw line a lot in this one also.  



Anonymous psyclone said...

Your link on cable channels is giving bad info.  I'm at 22015 zip and have Cox as a provider.  Channel 1074 is CSN+ in HD and my online guide indicates that Mason will be on that station on Saturday.  Your site gives a different number.

10:27 PM  
Anonymous mooky_l3d said...

Seems like every year JMU has potential to be a really good team and every year they get a devastating injury.  Anyway, JMU hung with VCU for the first half and then started fouling to much. They were abused on the offensive glass and made some costly turnovers and poor shots.  JMU should be frustrated and ready to prove something against Mason.  Mason should be pissed and ready to open up a big can of whoop ass.  Pearson tweeted he didn't show up for the game the other day.  Well it would be nice for him to make an appearance for this one on D and on O.  His defense was terrible last game, he stood around watching to much and not boxing out or getting into position for charges.  Time to show up or shut up about the playa of the year.  GO MASON!!!!!!!!!!!!

12:49 PM  
Anonymous Guest said...

Why does ESPN not have Copes as playing? Was he injured?

9:21 PM  
Anonymous Neeker40 said...

Copes hurt his back and neck against Drexel. They sat him out to be safe. Missed his shot blocking and space taking tonight. Also a little concered about GMU closing out games hopefully it will be corrected.

9:56 PM  
Anonymous Neeker40 said...

Copes hurt his back and neck against Drexel. They sat him out to be safe. Missed his shot blocking and space taking tonight. Also a little concerned about GMU closing out games hopefully it will be corrected.

9:57 PM  
Anonymous G-n-G said...

A few thoughts. First, it was great to see Wright and Gray break out, especially against a team that's strength is its guards. Second, the defensive pressure in the first half and quick-scoring offense made a welcome reappearance. It helped that GMU got a break from playing a grinding type team (GSU, ODU, Drexel). Third, with the referees being whistle-happy, most of the Patriots (except Allen) adjusted better than JMU's players. Fourth, it was another rough night for Cornelius and Vaughns. Unlike the Drexel game, though, Coach Hewitt rode the hot hands and gave Wright and Gray more minutes. Fifth, Edwards started the season playing well but continued his to-be-expected-from-a-freshman inconsistency with a couple of ill-advised 3-pointers and 4 turnovers. Sixth, GMU mostly continued its pattern this season of rebounding well from a loss, flying out to big leads and having a commanding 24-point lead with 8 minutes left. Seventh, unfortunately (and similar to the Drexel game) GMU tried to preserve a lead and succeeded mostly in taking itself out of any rhythm and ceding the role of aggressor to JMU. In those situations, it would be nice to see Mason stay aggressive and push its lead instead of trying to eat clock and scoring only 4 points in 6.5 minutes (13 total in the final 8 minutes).

9:17 AM  

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