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Fear the Beard Campaign: 3rd Edition

George Mason Basketball: Fear the Beard Campaign: 3rd Edition

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Fear the Beard Campaign: 3rd Edition

1st Edition

2nd Edition

Ryan Pearson will be in the running for the 2011-2012 CAA Player of the Year award when it's all said and done this season. With that in mind I have started the #FeartheBeard24 campaign on here and twitter to track his progress this season and update on him now and then. Here are his current stats through 16 games this season:

Since our last edition Pearson had a monster game against Charleston where he scored 35 points and grabbed 14 rebounds. The Cougars had no answer for him in that game and it capped off an impressive road win for the team. And then he followed that up with another 14 rebound night against ODU. He was mostly shut down by Georgia State early on but still proved to be an All-CAA player by going 10-for-10 from the free-throw line when his team needed him.  

It is crazy to think that his numbers are still improving, especially in rebounding and three-point shooting. Pearson has shot 13-for-34 from behind the arch this season, good for 38%, which is 10% better from there than ODU as a team. The efficiency he brings on offense has provided this team with some stability all season. He has one CAA player of the week honor under his belt so far and will probably end up with a few more this season.  It's important to realize though his number might start to decline a bit with Bryon Allen and Mike Morrison shouldering more of the offense recently.  

One area he could still improve on is his assist to turnover ratio. He is currently leading the team in turnovers per game which isn't too crazy considering he gets the most touches out of anyone. However, he still needs to make better passes out of the post and find open guys on the wing. Teams will start doing more of Georgia State did to him last weekend and he will need to take better care of the ball.  

[Original photo by Stephen Kline]


Anonymous Rmjank said...

Hate to bring up Coach L again, but one of his big points of emphasis was passing into the post and out of the post.  I agree -- that's an area we could use improvement on.
I have to admit that I still have that yikes moment when Pearson throws up a 3.  But hey, 38% ain't too shabby!  I guess as long as he only takes them when he's wide open and in rhythm....

12:01 PM  
Anonymous Jacobcoach1 said...

@Rmjank If you hate to bring up Coach L don't, its a new year, new coach & besides how do you know if Coach Hewitt doesnt empahsis passing into and out of the post. Pearson turnovers are up because Hewitt is trying to develop him into a small forward not and undersized 4. He could easily throw Pearson into the post and just say score with your back to the basket but he has expanded the young mans game so that he may have a chance to get paid to play one day.

4:41 PM  
Anonymous Rmjank said...

Hey, sorry, but it was there.  The passing, particularly out of the post, does not appear as effective this year.  I hope Hewitt is on top of that.  Hewitt will probably be better than Coach L in some respects and not as good in others, and hopefully we all come to the conclusion that he's more on the "better" side.  But it's just a way of analzying the game, to compare where we are now to where we used to be.
And your point is well taken -- that Pearson is spending more time away from the hoop.  Which among other things creates more opportunities for those 3 pointers...

12:31 PM  

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