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Kyle Whelliston mid-major chat wrap-up

George Mason Basketball: Kyle Whelliston mid-major chat wrap-up

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Kyle Whelliston mid-major chat wrap-up

Whelliston of has got his chats going on again over at ESPN and here are some of the questions that had to do with the CAA and Mason.

John (Richmond, Va): Kyle, Can the CAA send two teams to the dance this year? Also who is your pick to win the CAA this year?

Kyle Whelliston: This is a really cloudy year in terms of forecasting -- just about everybody from the famous CAA Uprising Of 2006 has graduated. Old Dominion and VCU have the best overall returning talent, but I'm convinced Jim Larranaga is so good, he could mold a beer league team into CAA champions in five short months. Can never, ever, ever count GMU out.

Kyle Whelliston: As for two bids, it all comes down to nonconference play. I strongly believe that VCU deserved an at-large bid, but that the noncon losses came back and bit them.


Mike (NJ): Kyle, any chance Towson has a change to challange the VCUs and George Masons in the CAA in the next couple of years? How can Pat Kennedy rescue the Tigers?

Kyle Whelliston: He tried the quick-fix one-man-show transfer method, that didn't work. But there are some really positive signs -- first of all, pretty much everyone's back. Also, Pat's Cats have the fundamental building-block of what makes good mid-majors great, which is ball control (look at Siena, Butler, Drake and so on). Nobody is going to steal it and get out in transition on these guys. Once they get shooting and defense worked out, they'll be golden.


hugh frederick ,md: Kyle how do you think George Mason has done in recruiting and what is your assessment of their chances for the NCAAs in 2008-09?

Kyle Whelliston: PG Andre Cornelius and PF Ryan Pearson are going to be names we discuss a lot in the next four years. Christ the King is a brand name in prep hoops, and anytime you're not a Big East school and can nab one of its stars (Pearson), it's a huge deal. I don't think any other CAA school can touch that class. As for the NCAA's, there's no better elimination-game coach in the conference, so they'll be ready for another Richmond run.


My personal favorite is Kyle showing some love for the Patriots by stating that "Jim Larranaga is so good, he could mold a beer league team into CAA champions in five short months." Also it's nice to hear from someone other than myself that Mason has a recruiting class that no one else in the conference can touch.


Blogger's good for you. said...

It's a hard year to forecast - he's right. Mason seems to do well in seasons when there's low expectations...that would be this one, with the loss of Campbell and Thomas, and the potential "rebuilding." But, we seem to be alternating between CAA-championship quality seasons and hovering around .500 over the last five years, too. Good chat...thanks for posting.

12:39 PM  
Blogger Matthew said...

I think this season will really prove to be a Larranaga test, quite frankly. He's got some great young talent combined with some good Seniors, but the new talent has been the best recruiting class ever. Man, this is going to be good.

4:50 PM  
Blogger Chris said...

Does anyone know how many starters William and Mary is returning? They could be a threat this season if they have their core intact.

5:24 PM  

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