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Paul Hewitt and his staff are targeting Greece's Ioannis Papapetrou

George Mason Basketball: Paul Hewitt and his staff are targeting Greece's Ioannis Papapetrou

Friday, September 23, 2011

Paul Hewitt and his staff are targeting Greece's Ioannis Papapetrou

This summer we talked about how Paul Hewitt coaching the U19 United States FIBA team could help bring some international players to George Mason.  The first international recruit's name that has been linked to Mason's staff is 17 year old Ioannis Papapetrou. A 2012 prospect from Greece, Papapetrou is described as an outstanding outside shooter. He has played some high school basketball here in the states in Melbourne, Florida but the bulk of his recent experience comes from the 2010 U16 FIBA European Championship were he averaged 11.4 points per game.  He already has interest from Florida, Texas, and Kansas so there will be some stiff competition for his services. Rumor has it the Hewitt and his staff are flying to his home in Greece this weekend to meet with his parents. 

At 6'7" Ioannis Papapetrou is the ideal type of shooter Paul Hewitt often covets.  He likes taller players that can shoot well from the perimeter (i.e. Brian Oliver) and will no doubt be looking for this type because of the  mismatches they pose in the CAA. Papapetrou is also described as having a "tremendous basketball IQ" and being a good facilitator. We've heard about Hewitt's recruiting abilities and we will soon start to see just how much talent he can bring to Fairfax. 



Anonymous GMUWHAT said...

I wonder how international students will affect team chemistry. Our team is a very close knit group of guys. They are friends on and off the court. If there is a language barrier I might be hard to be good friends.. 

9:14 AM  
Anonymous Matt said...

Chemistry is going to change year to year not matter what.  Eurpeans, unlike Americans, learn multiple languages, I woldn't be surprised if his English is just fine.  We've had international players before.  He must be pretty good too given the schools that are looking at him.  In the end winning keeps everyone happy!

1:55 PM  
Anonymous Dale Van Wagner said...

...he played high school basketball in Florida.  They speak English there.

11:28 AM  
Anonymous Yazman5721 said...

He surely speaks english better than some present players on the team

3:59 PM  

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