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Paul Hewitt and his staff pick up commitment from 2012 SG Patrick Holloway

George Mason Basketball: Paul Hewitt and his staff pick up commitment from 2012 SG Patrick Holloway

Wednesday, August 03, 2011

Paul Hewitt and his staff pick up commitment from 2012 SG Patrick Holloway

Not too long ago I wrote about Paul Hewitt appearing to look outside of the DMV area for recruits, looks like I was dead wrong as they picked up a verbal from Patrick Holloway of Paul VI high school in Fairfax. This is George Mason's first commitment for the 2012 class and Paul Hewitt's first recruit as new head coach. Holloway has been  playing for Team Takeover in the AAU circuit in DC and been written up as an excellent shooter.  It was obvious from most of the recruiting sites that Hewitt and his staff were looking to bring in a shooter as the team currently lacks a knockdown three-point shooter outside of senior Andre Cornelius. He's on the small side at 6'1" 160 lbs but ESPN says "he's got the look of a young Steph Curry" and that sounds just fine to me.  The write-up on him seems to suggest that he isn't just a pure shooter and has the ability to handle the ball and create.  Obviously he will have to hit the weight room but that's something most high school players have to face when moving on to Division I.

Members of the CAAZone have already begun to pull up info and video on Holloway, including this article from his hometown newspaper where his high school coach says he's the best shooter he's ever coached:
After transferring from Colonial Forge after his freshman season, the 6-foot guard has averaged 15 and 17 points per game in consecutive seasons for Paul VI.

He's made 190 3-pointers, the most in the Washington area.

"He's the best shooter I've ever had and I've had over 50 Division I players and a couple of NBA guys," Paul VI coach Glenn Farello said. "He's as good as it gets shooting the ball."
He's again compared to Stephen Curry towards the end of the article. His stock rose over the summer as he has been showing off his "sweet stroke" from the outside.

Some video of Holloway (#10 in white) while playing for his AAU squad Team Takeover:

From December 2010 Paul VI vs Bendictine (#10 black):

Also here's interviewing him at the Pitt Jam Fest, guess who he says he compares to on the court:

See also the write-up from the Washington Post

[Photo via Reza Marvashti/The Free Lance-Star]



Anonymous david said...

What do you mean Paul Hewitt's first recruit. I understand first recruit for the 2012 season. But Am I mistaken. Didn’t Paul Hewit bring in the 5th best center Erik Copes.  

2:58 PM  
Anonymous gmuhoops said...

Copes is playing this upcoming season he's a 2011 recruit. Hewitt and his staff didn't "recruit" Copes, he came here after the coaching change at GW and because of his uncle coaching here. It's more like a transfer if you ask me. 

3:01 PM  
Anonymous david said...

It seems Hewitt recruited the coach knowing Erik would follow his uncle. But yeah I see where you are comming from..

3:08 PM  
Anonymous Pat Carroll said...

Former Colonial Forge Eagle great

3:19 PM  
Anonymous Nicholas Schulz said...

Everyone is going to be stereotypical about him regarding his looks. He looks and has the same swagger as Stephen Curry. However, in the videos i have seen he does in fact have a sweet stoke. I hope he bulks up a little.  He def. has a positive mentality which is great and he seems very humble. 


3:22 PM  
Anonymous Bmcevoy said...

hahahaahaha...stephan curry my a$$...curry averaged 25 ppg in three years at Davidson...this kid didn't score 18 ppg in the WCAC...anyone who watches those vids and thinks he's Steph Curry is smoking crack.

That said, he has a nice stroke and looks like a capable reserve player next year. His game could develop in time, but settle down people. Steph Curry...GEEZ...that's so unfair to put on this kid.

8:21 PM  
Anonymous Dale Van Wagner said...

FYI Steph Curry was a very good high school player but not a "great" one.  I couldn't find any stats for him, but high only college scholarship offers I could find were from Davidson, VCU and Winthrop.  Curry didn't really blow up until he got to college.

8:28 AM  
Anonymous gmuhoops said...

Exactly. He's a skinny kid like Curry was, with a great shooting stroke, no one is saying that he's going to drop 25 a game ever in his college career.  They are merely saying his game resembles that of a player like Curry.

8:44 AM  
Anonymous Guest said...

Hope we can get some of his Team Takeover teamates. They got guys that can seriously play the game.

3:08 PM  
Anonymous fairfax guy said...

Did we realy need another SG hich Holloway is.  Is Bryon Allen going to follow Rashad out the door?

1:27 PM  
Anonymous gmuhoops said...

You don't think this teams needs a shooter after Andre Cornelius graduates? Why would that make Allen leave, the team isn't allowed to recruit guards anymore?

1:34 PM  
Anonymous Charlie T said...

70 days if you count today. Then it starts and I for one cannot wait. Inside,outside and all around. It is not always the usual but I think both the players and the coaches have something to prove. This is going to make for one great season. As far as this kid I love guards and I love shooters. Why not.

4:31 PM  
Anonymous Herndon said...

Vertrail Vaughns is not a knockdown shooter?

6:50 PM  
Anonymous President Obama said...

I have no confidence that he will be a knockdown shooter next year. I hope he will but i just don't have confidence in him. He could very well shoot 20% next year. If he made his foul shots i'd be a believer, but he shoots about 50% from there too, so... no, he's not a proven knockdown shooter yet.

2:28 AM  
Anonymous Brentrg said...

So i've done some research on him, and his numbers are quite impressive.  48% from three point range taking 85 shots is sick!   Then that one video said he just finished a tournament where his team WON the championship out of 90+ teams and he had 6 three pointers in the final!  Sounds like he is one heck of a three point shooter even with guys in his face. 

So my question is... why didn't many top DI teams go after him?  Maybe because he JUST finished his junior year, but still.  I mean George Washington, Kent st., Central Florida or whatever....  come on.  A guy putting up his numbers  should get some looks by Big East/ACC schools.  I don't get it, but am super excited about him coming to GMU.  I think he will be an absolute stud for us.  From some of the highlights, he can hit it with a guy in his face, and even drive to the basket.  I love it

4:30 PM  
Anonymous Jreezy said...

I agree. Copes got me excited for a barrage of top-100 caliber players. It's somewhat disappointing to see ESPN give him an 83 and to find out he was only recruited by GW and friggin Kent State. Aren't we better than those schools?. I guess we should manage our expectations.

2:35 PM  
Anonymous Gentlegiant212 said...

I think his size, not being a great defender or rebounder is why more high D1s didn't snatch him up.  He has improved with his shot selection and ability to take over games over the last year.  He will be a great fit for GM.

10:50 PM  

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