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Kenner League Report

George Mason Basketball: Kenner League Report

Monday, July 25, 2011

Kenner League Report

This year's Kenner League (aka Nike Pro City) action has been good with a lot of famous alum from area universities joining in. George Mason '08 alum Folarin Campbell made an appearance this weekend and played for Town Tavern along side Anali Okoloji. Campbell finished Saturday with 22 points and Okoloji scored 17, 11 of which came from the free-throw line as he was "aggressively attacking the hole".  Really what we want to hear about Okoloji but it's unfortunate we won't get to see him this upcoming season.  Overall Okoloji has looked good and he has a lot of potential to grow this season as he watches from the sidelines and takes everything in.  

Among the others who have looked good at this year's Kenner league is freshman Corey Edwards.  The phrase "true point guard" will be thrown around a lot when talking about Edwards and he has looked more polished than the other freshman so far.  He has been showing good handles and vision while the flow of the summer league play seems to fit his style of game well.  His pass first mentality might help him earn more minutes this season under Paul Hewitt.  

The other freshman Vaughn Gray and Erik Copes have both made progress this summer and are looking better each weekend.  Gray has shown off his athleticism and this past weekend found his scoring touch, see the unofficial box here. Copes has made some big strides in a short period of time. At the beginning of this summer league he looked lost and slow at times but has since found his rhythm and has shown off his excellent rebounding attributes. He loves to contest every shot in the paint and seems to be very good at staying in position.  At times he already looks like he could end up being the best "box-out" guy on the Mason roster next season.  We already knew he wasn't much of a scorer and he really needs to work on his post moves because right now he really doesn't have any.  Copes will continue to get some conditioning this summer and probably shed some pounds but the potential for him to be a force in the middle for Mason next season is there.


Anonymous Jgrahmn said...

And no one went to JA's game terrible program. On all the other blogging sites people are not talking about JA's game show support to all players not just the ones you are personally interested in. Thats not right. If you are wondering what JA's stats were: 20pts 6reb 6ast
Get it together GMU

8:43 PM  
Anonymous John Powell said...

Erik is playing hard on defense, but he needs practice on jumping when the shooter jumps, not just when he pumps. But he does hustle.

10:49 PM  
Anonymous Matt Cerilli said...

That's definitely good to see. The improvement will come but you can't teach hustle and it seems like Erik definitely has that.

6:37 AM  

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