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Paul Hewitt doesn't need lure of ACC to bring in top recruits

George Mason Basketball: Paul Hewitt doesn't need lure of ACC to bring in top recruits

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Paul Hewitt doesn't need lure of ACC to bring in top recruits

Josh Barr of the Washington Post has an article from yesterday saying Paul Hewitt has been received well so far on the recruiting trails. Despite his struggles towards the end of his time at Georgia Tech it seems coaches and recruits are still excited to see Hewitt observing them:
“People have been great,” Hewitt said. “This is my 21st year on the road. We’ll see how it shakes out in the fall, but so far people have been really, really positive and excited about us recruiting their players.

“You can’t tell until they give you commitments, but I do think there are people with a very high level of interest.”
We will have to wait and see if Hewitt backs up his talk and get a commitment from the top 2012 recruits he and his staff have been observing.

Also speaking of new Mason talent, it seems freshman Corey Edwards is turning some heads in this year's Kenner League. Remember only 88 days until the start of the next college basketball season.

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Anonymous Justin Hay said...

I'm getting a little giddy.  Can you imagine, in a couple of years, a starting 5 of Copes, Edwards, Wright, and 1-2 *crossing my fingers* top-100 recruits (or Vaughn/Allen)?  Luke who?

I think the CAA as a whole is making strides, too....just look at Towson's incoming class, and you can't forget Hofstra w/their two big-time transfers.  VCU w/a bunch of young guys and a solid '12 class (not to mention McCarter, Redick, Brandenburg).  

1:34 PM  
Anonymous Johnsonbuilding said...

We won more regular season games last year than any other year in school history.
We got an at-large bid to the dance last year.
We made it to the second round of the dance last year.
We were set to be in the top 25 pre-season poll for the first time ever in school history.

I'm not getting giddy. I am giddy. I expect this year for huge things... a top 25 finish, movement in the dance... replace some great players like Pearson and andrea with actual producers, and not just potential. Anything less than this will truly be a disappointment.

2:32 PM  
Anonymous Essay Giovanni said...

84 days! Can't wait.

4:12 PM  

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