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George Mason dominates VCU while extending winning streak to a new program record

George Mason Basketball: George Mason dominates VCU while extending winning streak to a new program record

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

George Mason dominates VCU while extending winning streak to a new program record

The Patriots' latest victim on their current 12 game winning streak was VCU who was run out of their own building last night in a  71-51 rout. Now Mason has clinched at least a share of the CAA crown, something they haven't won outright in 11 years. In this game Mason executed to near perfection, Ryan Pearson was spinning in the low post to the basket, Cam Long was knocking down key shots, and Vertrail Vaughns went 4-for-5 from behind the three-point line in the first half to put an exclamation point on it all. Meanwhile Mike Morrison was aggressive on the boards and Andre Cornelius was in Joey Rodriguez's face all night. The Rams led once, when it was 2-0, and looked frazzled against the Patriots' man-to-man defense. As a result none of VCU's starters finished in double figures. This isn't something we haven't already seen countless times this year but keep in mind that the Rams were no slouch entering into this game. The full court pressure of the Rams did not bother the Patriots at all, mostly because when your not hitting shots consistently it is difficult to get into position on such a defensive plan.  I'd have to check the records but I don't think VCU has ever lost this bad to a CAA opponent at the Siegel Center.

There is a lot to take away from this game, so let's go right to it:
  • With this 12 victory during their current winning streak the Patriots have set a new program record for longest streak. A school record that was 27 years old.
  • They have tied the school record for consecutive roads wins (6).
  • The Patriots are guaranteed at least a share of the CAA regular season crown, and can clinch the title outright with a victory over Northeastern February 24th.
  • Last night the Patriots went on runs of 11-0, 13-2, 11-0, and 10-0. Add those together and it was a collective 45-2 statistic of domination.
  • Here is a very telling statistic of their execution: George Mason now outscoring CAA by 0.23 points per trip. Last year Butler outscored Horizon by 0.20
  • During this current winning streak Mason has won by at least 14 points all by once and their average margin of victory has been 17.83 since January 12th. That's got to be best in the nation.
  • Mason also had 18 assists last night, Coach L set a per-game goal of 16 earlier in the season and when they reach that mark they are 12-0 this year.
  • With Mason's RPI currently at #22, it seems fairly certain at this point that the team has locked up an NCAA Tournament berth regardless of how the remaining few games turn out. 
Here is Coach Larranaga during the post game interview:

[Photo Credit: VCU Ram Nation]



Anonymous Mooky_l3d said...

My take on the whole at-large bid thing is forget about it! Here is why, much like Charlie T said you never know who will win the larger conference tourney games. That would hamper any mid-major from making it through. I believe a few years ago Drexel and Hofstra had some impressive schedules and huge wins, yet failed to make the NCAA. Although our RPI is higher than most why not go for broke and dash the hopes of one of our rivals. I am for getting CAA bids but I really only care about Mason. So if we win the tourney champ. and that means another team can't get in then I hope it is VCU, next I would hope for ODU. Is this mean spirited? Yes but I don't like either of those programs and never will. So screw the rest I want to see Mason as regular and tourney champs.

Great game last night, I wish I wasn't so cheap and went to it. I love seeing VCU lose, especially in person. I think Rozell should have been trashed anytime he went to the rim after what he did to Tate. If that had been a pick-up game he would have been beat or shot. What bull shat play, another reason not to like VCU. Mike Mo was ballin' like I hoped he would all season. Vaughns I am sorry for calling you out last week. Keep hittin' those 3's. Acorn great D on Jrod. Cam what can I say he will go down as one of Mason's all time greatest. I am just extremely happy with this win and the way the team is playin' lately. GO MASON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

8:04 PM  

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