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JMU can't keep up with George Mason, Patriots tie longest winning streak in school history

George Mason Basketball: JMU can't keep up with George Mason, Patriots tie longest winning streak in school history

Sunday, February 13, 2011

JMU can't keep up with George Mason, Patriots tie longest winning streak in school history

After watching this game yesterday I think it's safe to say that these guys just flat out know how to win.  We haven't seen the Patriots have to deal with much adversity lately but they had to overcome some in this game.  JMU came to play and taking advantage early of Mason's sloppiness on defense. Steven Goff reminds us in his article recap that the Patriots haven't trailed for more than a few minutes here and there in long time so I am sure most fans were eager to see how they would react.  Coach Larranaga made the right move by benching starters Ryan Pearson and Mike Morrison for some early sloppiness on both ends and reserve players Vertrail Vaughns and Johnny Williams gave the Patriots the spark they needed.  After ending the 1st half up one and erasing a 12 point deficit it was a heavy dose of suffocating defense and Ryan Pearson in the 2nd half. Pearson had 12 of his 15 in the 2nd half and he and the Patriots kept All-CAA Denzel Bowles a non-factor late in the game.

With this victory George Mason has now tied the school record for consecutive wins (11) and with Ohio State losing yesterday the Patriots also have the 2nd longest winning streak in the country.  This was another game where the Patriots started off slow and then picked up the tempo in the 2nd half.  It's not secret at this point that the Patriots are more deadly as the pace of the game picks up. If it is a high possession game your not going to be able to stop these guys once they start rolling. This team just doesn't seem to get rattled no matter what is happening on the court and that is a quality you need to have to be a contender in March.

Now the Patriots gear up for a CAA showdown in Richmond to face VCU, who didn't look all the good yesterday in their loss to ODU.  Regardless this could be Mason's toughest challenge of the season as they haven't won at the Siegel Center since 2006.



Anonymous Matt Cerilli said...

I just hope we can break the press that VCU always throws at every team. We should be ok but it will be something we really haven't seen in awhile.

9:44 AM  
Anonymous Caseyknudsen said...

Does anyone have a Folarin Campbell bobblehead that was given out at the Mason Game to trade or for sale? I have an extra Jai Lewis and Tony Skinn bobblehead that I will trade for the Campbell bobblehead so I can complete my final four bobblehead set. Let me know!

10:32 AM  
Anonymous Reggie said...

J. Williams played great in the first half. Took it right at Bowles. He didn't even play in the second and Mike Mo played great. The team did not play well overall but ended up winning by double figures. Again. Impressive. Always someone stepping up.

However....they can't play at 3/4 speed against VCU. Against JMU they played down to their tempo. To his credit L pushed them to push it up and pressure the Dukies. They must be ready to go from the get go Tuesday.

JMU gave up after Mason came back in second half. That team has no leadership or morale it looks like.
Btw, JMU bus broke down on 66 after the game. Bummer. Bad night for the Dukies.

12:17 PM  
Anonymous Mooky_l3d said...

I think yesterday showed what these guys are made of, lots of heart and a will to win. They started so poorly that I thought this was going to be a wake up game (like ODU trashing VCU). JMU came out so strong it just looked really bad for Mason. I am not a huge fan of Vaughns, I think he looks for his shot before anything else and that hurts a team more that it helps. Yesterday he hit those 3's and it was huge, so good for him. I am a bigger J. Williams fan, if given the minutes he has some real offensive ability (7pts. 11min). His D is what needs work, to many quick fouls (move those feet). I am worried about the VCU pressure. JMU was using a 3/4 court press and there were some iffy passes and I don't understand why Morrison is on the inbounds side of the court. He can't dribble and though he led the team in assists he is the last one I would want to see passing out of pressure. Get someone else down there and put Morrison under the basket at the other end.

I was planning on going to the game on Tuesday but at $20 a pop for tickets I will watch it on ESPNU. VCU should be ashamed of themselves for those ticket prices'. I guess that way they will get more of the students in there for free. Oh well. Should be a great game I don't remember the last time VCU lost 2 in a row at home, but the Patriots are playing so well it just might be the right time to beat them. Let's go MASON!!!!!!

12:29 PM  
Anonymous Reggie said...

Mike is back giving ball help to give the guards a high target, sort of high post extended. But yeah, would be nice if he could go deep against the press but he runs the court well and Ryan has been a beast on the blocks of late. Got to have good backcourt help against VCU. They must attack that press. I think in a way JMU's half assed pressing was good practice going into Richmond.

7:18 PM  

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