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2008 class not complete?

George Mason Basketball: 2008 class not complete?

Monday, June 30, 2008

2008 class not complete?

Dago Pena, a Rivals150 prospect who recently asked for release from his commitment to Florida Atlantic was rumored to be visiting George Mason campus last week. Pena was referred to Fairfax from a former Mason player in Sammy Hernandez who now plays at FAU. Pena decided against playing at FAU after a coaching change. Apparently under the rules for this type of situation you are only allowed 3 visits and Mason was Pena's first choice. Keep in mind Mason still has an open scholarship they can offer and Pena at the small forward position would be a great addition to an already highly touted recruiting class. Every scouting website I have come across has this kid rated highly. From the analysis he seems to be a perimeter type player who has three-point range, a perfect Larranaga-guy. It would really be nice to have more of a true small forward guy at the 3 position, something really hasn't had in awhile.



Blogger's good for you. said...

You made me curious about former Final Four contributor Sammy Hernandez's life since Mason. How does a guy go from helping the Patriots get to the Final Four, to averaging 1.2 ppgs and 8.6 mpg at a school that's lower on the college hoops food chain? (I guess that will bring out all the Florida Atlantic fans, similar to Fresno State).;_ylt=Agn_m4VO5lwo4bPsWJr9U3c307YF

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