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Because you can't hype up the future enough...

George Mason Basketball: Because you can't hype up the future enough...

Friday, June 27, 2008

Because you can't hype up the future enough...

I came across this last night as I was watching the NBA crapshot draft, a ranking of the nation's top 1000 seniors (recruiting class of 2008) from And that's not a typo, this guy actually ranks the top 1000 seniors across America. In terms of being a mid-major team and in the CAA we should be very pleased:
103. Ryan Pearson
117. Andre Cornelius
231. Kevin Foster
287. Michael Morrison
Out of the entire CAA class, Mason has the top two players and the best overall class according to these rankings. I try not to get too excited over rankings like this because they don't really mean much and are far from an exact science but hey it's still June. I am still trying to ponder between who we will see more minutes next season, Pearson or Cornelius. The easy answer is Pearson because of the loss of Thomas but typically Larranaga seems less reluctant to throw freshman forwards into the mix early as opposed to guards. Cornelius' might see more minutes if Dre Smith or Isaiah Tate do not produce. If Dre and Cornelius are both on the court, that's a pretty small lineup so that might hurt his chances for playing time.



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