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Dre Dre Dre

George Mason Basketball: Dre Dre Dre

Monday, January 21, 2008

Dre Dre Dre

Wow, what a weekend for Mason and Dre Smith. Not only did Dre set an NCAA record, but he helped the Patriots blow out a CAA team, on the road no less. I mean 10 for 10 from three-point land, are you kidding me? I had hinted in some of recent posts of how Dre's potential was yet to be tapped but I never could have imagined him having a night like he did Saturday. It was also an usual night for the Patriots if you consider they scored 96 points and only 4 players were in double digits, not exactly Larranaga-ball. But how often to you get to see a Mason player on ESPN's top plays? Mid-majority has a great write-up on Dre's magnificent statistical night. What is lost in the Dre Smith show is the fact that Folarin Campbell (16 points) and Louis Birdsong (8 rebounds) also played well after less than stellar outings recently. JV and Will Thomas bought it as usual, no surprise there. If the rest of the supporting cast keeps playing like this first place in the CAA will not be far off. Mason currently sits in a three-way tie at 2nd behind only VCU. January 29th cannot come soon enough. This is the Mason team we had all expected for this season, leaving the CAA fawns behind and hunting for bigger game. Can they keep this up or will they have another relapse? The team chemisty seems much improved and they will need it against CAA powers ODU, UNCW, and VCU.


Blogger Christopher said...

Not that it will be easy but ODU should be a win, they aren't that good this year.

At UNCW will be tough, but the VCU game will be huge. I really hope the Patriot Center get's packed for that game.

10:14 AM  
Blogger Brannman. know it's good for you. said...

Smith's game on Sat. was so, wait for it...legendary, but so was the performance of nearly the whole team. Glad to see the CAA gave him kudos this week as co-player of the week. We can't afford to slip up vs. ODU (one guy in double figures?) or UNCW (that look-ahead game worries me, since we also play crappy at Trask). But, week. Yeah, I agree - hope it's a packed house. Can't wait to be there.

10:54 AM  
Blogger mooky_l3d said...

What a game and performance by the team. All over good play and few stupid ones. Followrin' cuttin' to the hoop again not settling for the jumper was a great site. Will always leading and putting up the numbers. JV needs to worry about moving his feet on defense and stop barking at the refs, they talk to each other to and they let each other know who whines and who plays. Great game though and it was nice to see Mason show off their fire power against a team on the road. ODU, UNCW will be huge games once again they will have to step up and ball like they are capable of doing.

12:29 PM  
Blogger FarmerTed said...

Went to the game and LOVED IT. More exciting than it need to be before Dre quieted the Dukes.
I think the team has 2 problems that JMU doesn't have the players/coaching to expose.
1)Ball handling. We have a lot of trouble with pressure defense. (see Delaware, Hofstra, second half JMU) Cambell and Carter seem to over dribble.
2)Passing in to the post. Go back and watch the guards get it in to Lewis or Thomas in the low post in 2006. In the 2nd half at JMU, Will Thomas was coming top of the key to get the ball.

1:46 PM  
Blogger Farmdog said...

FarmerTed - I could not agree more - we are one true point guard away from another incredible season. The kid from Charlotte for next year is supposed to fill this void. For this season let's hope that "Crabman" Carter can step up.

I was also at the Convo and was impressed to see how up for the game the Dukes were - great to see the rivalry back.

2:31 PM  
Blogger Christopher said...

I think every team in the CAA get's up for games against us.

There is not a single team we can overlook, we are every team's biggest game of the year and I honestly don't feel like that is a biased opinion

3:25 PM  
Blogger B-Mac98 said...

Are we at the point where every JMU alum who sees a GMU alum on the street has to offer up the fraternity paddle and say, "Please sir, may I have another?" We own those guys.

Smith's game was great, but what has happened to Jordan Carter? I might be late to the party on this, but he didn't seem like himself on Saturday. They need him to be the steady hand he was late last year. If he didn't get hurt in the CAA championship game last year, Eric Maynor doesn't become the guy who beat Duke in the NCAA tournament.

Good point, Christopher. UNCW seems to have our number, especially at their place. And we do have a target on our back. What I liked about Saturday's game is when JMU started to come back, our veteran team made some big stops and went on a run of their own. That's a good sign. Let's do that against a real team like ODU or UNCW or even VCU.

3:42 PM  
Blogger b-spot50 said...

Yo vote for Dre on Espn's Basketball page for Big man on campus. It is in the lower left corner. Dont let Bobby Knight;s 900th win win!

11:42 PM  
Blogger b-spot50 said...

My fault, lower right corner.

11:42 PM  

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