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Moving on...

George Mason Basketball: Moving on...

Friday, January 11, 2008

Moving on...

It is early January and the Patriots are 2-2 in CAA play, which can already be perceived as disappointing to most fans but at least they are not having the kind of trouble St. Louis experienced last night. Mason returns to the Patriot Center Saturday afternoon and face-off against the Matt Jannings, I mean Northeastern. Last year's CAA Rookie of the Year Matt Janning leds the Huskies who ripped Drexel on Wednesday night, is everyone gettin' a piece of the Dragons this year? Northeastern has lost some close games to good teams and Mason sure knows how to keep a game close no matter who they are playing. Coach L historically has a good track record following a CAA loss and I would expect to see some changes this Saturday. Not much can be changed in the lineup due to injury but I wouldn't be surprised if Cam Long get ssome more mintues until Folarin is out of the doghouse. Speaking of the guards, I expect Dre Smith to be back in full force and hoping not hesitating on his shot selection. I was not happy with Birdsong's play at the end of the game against Delaware, I mean for God's sake box and grab a rebound! I don't think Larranaga really has much of a choice anymore but to play Big Vlad. He might not play defense as well as Birdsong but I feel like its time to take off the training wheels and weather the growing pains now. Vlad's versatility and shooting touch can cause huge match-up problems for opposing CAA teams but it won't happen over night. Luckily the Patriots are at home where they have lately been playing slightly less worse than on the road. Mason always has done well against the CAA at home, minus last season against William and Mary, but this year it is becoming even more important that they take care of business in the Patriot Center. The road has been brutal to Mason, which to me really comes off as shocking when you think of the experience on this squad. What is working with Mason is the fact that pretty much every other team in the conference has pretty much been as inconsistent as they have to a degree, leaving the conference up for grabs. Although teams like Delaware and JMU are atop the standings do they have the experience to stay there? The next couple of weeks should be some great basketball and the log jam in the standings is not going to go away anytime soon.


Blogger Brannman. know it's good for you. said...

Yeah, I agree on Vlad. We all read/heard that this guy could hit a 3...well, he's trying, but to no avail. He looked good inside during early season play - we need more of that. I agree on Louis, too - where's the aggressiveness? We need it!! Janning...arrghhh...I've always hated the skinny, sharp-shooting opposing white guards in the CAA (remember the guys that Madison used to have?). Maybe Campbell can do something productive and pull a Tony Skinn move on him. Ouch...that was uncalled for...sorry.

1:27 PM  
Blogger Christopher said...

Haha, I will never forget the home game against Hofstra last year when Stokes came back and the students all moved their firsts in a motion like hitting the groin and chanting "Tony" anytime Stokes touched the ball.


2:45 PM  
Blogger Will Rinck said...

There were two things I couldn't believe in this game. How bad we handled the press and the total lack of intensity. I don't know what is up with Birdsong, but I was really disappointed with his play most of the game. He is good for a few plays but never seems to play hard the entire time.

Coach L has to bare the burdun for some of this. I'd rather see some of the younger guys playing with intensity than the veterans coming out unprepared.

4:41 PM  

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