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Walk with Glory

George Mason Basketball: Walk with Glory

Monday, January 14, 2008

Walk with Glory

On Saturday afternoon during a win over Northeastern Folarin Campbell became the first Patriot with 1,200 points, 400 rebounds, 300 assists, 100 3-pointers, 100 steals, and 50 blocks. You got all that? Campbell and I have had a love-hate relationship over the years, more recently it's been hate, but he is one of the most versatile players in team history. I've ripped Campbell on this site many times mostly because I feel that he tries to force things and doesn't slow things down and let the game come to him. Frankly I will never understand why he stopped driving to the basketball, watching him play in that UConn and watching games from last season is like watching two different players completely. Everyone expected huge things from after he led the team in scoring during the 2006 NCAA tournament. Folarin has struggled at times since then and most fans would say he has not lived up to his potential. Maybe that is not a fair statement to make because Coach L's teams have never really been carried by just one player or relied on talent alone. This is true for most mid-major teams across the country, team unity wins more out often then not. The fact remains that Campbell has always been a valuable guy to have on the court even if hes not lighting up the scoreboard. His energy and composure can never be questioned and could forget that smile? I have never written off Folarin though and I still believe hes got some more stellar performances awaiting.


Blogger mooky_l3d said...

The stat the I would like to see on Followrin' is turnovers, and turnovers in crucial situations. Or ones that led to a big turn in the game. He is the most frustrating players to watch almost like a Eric Herring great highlights over a career but nothing consistant.

9:43 PM  
Blogger Brannman. know it's good for you. said...

You do bring up some valid points. I know I expect too much out of the guy, but that FF performance was soooo incredible and so in front of a national audience. How does a guy only get more inconsistent during his junior and senior seasons? Look at a guy like Vaughan. Spends a year away from the court because of injury. Comes back; doesn't look too great, and clearly needs to get readjusted to court time. But, this season, he's showing that he's on the right path to being a team weapon and leader. And he's still got a season to go. That's the kind of play we need from Campbell at this point. But, if we can't do it, we'll look to the other guards to fill the gap. In the meantime, I agree with mooky...the TOs that he makes in critical situations are KILLIN' US.

6:40 AM  

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