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UNCW rout doesn't hide Mason's woes

George Mason Basketball: UNCW rout doesn't hide Mason's woes

Tuesday, January 09, 2007

UNCW rout doesn't hide Mason's woes

Last season UNCW and Mason both earned NCAA tournament bids and were the cream of the crop in mid-major land; now they are fighting to stay out of the bottom of the CAA. The Patriots held UNCW to only two field goals the entire first half. Thats right, two! If not for Daniel Fountain's buzzer beating three pointer at the end of the half UNCW would have set the record for lowest FG% in a half since the shot clock was instituted. Whats even more amazing is that even as UNCW continued to play terrible in the second half Mason still shot only 36% from the field and scored just 55 points. Coach L chose an interesting starting lineup which included Jordan Carter and Chris Fleming who had career highs in minutes (21) and points (8). Is Fleming actually proving he can do more in the post than a 6'8" tree, or is UNCW really that bad this season? I mean a win is a win but you can't over look that neither Campbell nor Thomas were able to score more than 10 points against not only a bad a team, but a bad team on a terrible shooting night. Larranaga says the win is an indication that the "team is headed in the right direction". Really? Because watching this game shows me that Mason can only beat teams that beat themselves and that they continue to play down to the level of their competition. You can't even say that the team chemistry was better in this game because you had guys like Chris Fleming and Tim Burns playing who have rarely ever taken off their warm-ups during a game in their careers. That being said this win will at least lift some of the pressure these guys are facing and maybe just maybe we will see back to back wins sometime in the near future.


Blogger gomason said...

well Mason got back to back wins and will get another win or two. This team isn't as bad as you think. Now that they taken the ball out of F. Campbell's hands and onto the hands of Carter and Smith > things should go a little smoother down the road. Mason will do just fine at the end of the season. A great defense is a good offense and the last two games Mason was good on defense. Against Towson they were good at both. Campbell did well for now he's not handling the ball also > Nine assists WOW!!! GO Mason !!

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