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From one Cinderella to Another

George Mason Basketball: From one Cinderella to Another

Tuesday, January 02, 2007

From one Cinderella to Another

Oh that George Mason public relations department, aren't they worth every penny? How do you keep the whole Cinderella thing going? Easy, take out an advertisement in another Cinderella team's local newspaper wishing them luck before their bowl game! Maybe this gesture by Mason to Boise State was where they got the courage to call some of those trick plays they did at the end of the game last night. Boise State has been labeled the George Mason of college football, but sadly for them their run is over because their is still no playoff system in place. Maybe Boise State can help make sure that we do see a playoff system in the near future for college football. But forget the underdog stories, that was just a great game of football, one of the best ever. Did you see Ian Johnson smile after that statue of liberty play, he is definitely their Lamar Butler. I hope the Mason players watched that game and I hope it reminded them of last March. No doubt Boise State watched the NCAA tournament last year thought to themselves, hey why can't we do that? Its rare in college football that a mid-major can even get the chance to be in a situation like Boise State is, unlike college basketball where every DI team has a shot to win the national title, no matter what conference they come from. College football could learn a lot from college basketball's successes, but money and politics will always reign supreme with the big boys.


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