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Patriots hit an all time low

George Mason Basketball: Patriots hit an all time low

Thursday, January 04, 2007

Patriots hit an all time low

Coach Jim Larranaga looked angry, confused and at times frustrated; something you would normally not see at a home game against William and Mary. Just how bad was this loss? Mason hadn't lost a home CAA game in nearly two years and hadn't lost to the Tribe at home in nine years. A Tribe team that had no players with significant height or bulk and only one player who averaged more than four rebounds a game yet they out rebounded Mason 34-21. Whats even more disturbing about that statistic is that the Tribe had 13 offensive rebounds and Mason had 3. That was the major difference in the second half. William and Mary would score on almost every possession because of all the second chance shots they got. Once again Mason played down to the level of the competition, much like their game against Cleveland State and Radford. Will Thomas was the only player scoring in the second half while the rest of the team pretty much just stood around and watched. Campbell somehow managed 6 assists and was 3-6 from the 3-point line but as a team they shot 6-23 from there. The shot selection was poor to say the least. I've said this before and I'll say it again, 3-point shooting is not this teams strength, so why are they taking 20+ attempts a game? Every time Mason would get a turnover they would run down the court and launch up a 3-pointer, miss and then William and Mary would get the rebound. Will Thomas could not be stopped down low, but he can't do everything himself. Birdsong and Monroe should be averaging a lot more points because of Thomas' double teams. Chemistry is still the main problem, the players aren't having fun and they need to learn to play to each others strengths and take every game seriously.


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