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Trouble at Trask continues

George Mason Basketball: Trouble at Trask continues

Monday, January 29, 2007

Trouble at Trask continues

The George Mason Patriots are now 1-9 in there last 10 games at the Trask Coliseum in Wilmington North Carolina. It amazes me that even when UNCW is in last place in the CAA they can still find a way to beat the Patriots on their home court. Mason's quest to move into the top 4 of the conference standings took a bad hit tonight. This is the same UNCW team that shot under 9% in the first half last time these two teams met in Fairfax. In the second half of this evenings game the Seahawks were able to shot over 65%, what happened to the CAA best scoring defense? UNCW was shooting the ball well all night and it proved to be too overwhelming for Mason. The Patriots defense looked out of sync and gave up some easy baskets late in the second half. Campbell again led the team in scoring with 17 but Will Thomas was held to only 10 points which was really troubling to watch considering who was guarding him. Opposing teams have enough had too easy of a time taking Thomas out of the game and if Mason could hit more three pointers we would see less of this happening. Campbell went 3 for 11 from the three point line on a night when the Seahawks were fouling every drive to the lane. Why does he settle for the outside shot so much?

Note: ESPN Bracketbuster match ups were announced today and Mason has been paired up with Kent State (11-8, RPI:110) and will be aired on one of the ESPN networks.


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