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Comparing CAA vs A10 basketball expenses

George Mason Basketball: Comparing CAA vs A10 basketball expenses

Monday, March 25, 2013

Comparing CAA vs A10 basketball expenses

With the news officially being announced today that George Mason will be making the move to the Atlantic 10, let's look at the recent basketball spending between schools in both conferences. As it stands now, based on the most recent numbers from 2011, Mason would be ranked 11th in the A10 in basketball spending. That's taking both Butler and Temple out of the equation since they will be gone by the time Mason arrives. The move for the program obviously means that more spending will be necessary to compete in the league and certainly Mason has to be committed to the that by making this move.

Below is a breakdown from the of both the A10 and CAA's spending:

Pretty amazing the difference in spending between Richmond and Xavier, obviously money isn't everything when it comes to building a solid program but it's a factor.

Don't forget the A10 signed a pretty good TV deal last as well, so the school is getting more money in that area than they would have in the CAA.


Anonymous mkaufman1 said...

Money isn't everything as you said. LaSalle is still playing and they are towards the bottom of the list

9:04 AM  
Anonymous Rob Walters said...

Be interested to know how the money is spent - coaching, travel, etc. The Richmond number is interesting given low cost of living in Richmond, but they are in the middle of improving facilities.

Moving to the A10 should be an interesting ride.

Not sure how hard Mason really tried to move last year since the effort may have been slowed by the fact we just hired a new President. I have had the pleasure to talk to Dr Cabrera a number of times now and I am sure he supports and may be behind this move. He has come to Mason to increase exposure and raise money ( and he understands how important sports is to alumni passion.

Re: can we be competitive right away? - if you are really worried about that I question whether or not you are a true fan - Butler, Xavier, and Creighton have just joined a league where none of them are even 500 vs the Catholic 7 ( - the move is about exposure and money, both which will improve our ability to recruit. Also, we may have lost games we should have won this season, but that may speak more to youth.

Yes, Mason will be need to be willing to spend if for no other reason than the cost of living (to keep quality assistant coaches).

Do we have the right coach? Time will tell. At least give him a chance to get his guys.

I will look forward to the opportunity to host everyone in Richmond twice a year ( - @masonrva)

10:40 AM  
Anonymous Bentley said...

Money is a factor. However at the end of the day the coach and the players on the floor will determine if they can compete right away in the A10. Judging only on the evidence we have seen under 2 years of Hewitt that answer is pretty simple. Not likely. Hewitt has shown no signs of of being a solid coach, the players do not ever play a full 40 minutes, and worst of all they don't play as a team.

So that is what has to be resolved for the short term success. To me the money invested goes to the big picture of the program and long term success. To that end, if Hewitt doesn't improve after next season, then they will need to budget properly to attract and pay a real coach. What they are currently paying Hewitt wont cut it.

11:37 AM  
Anonymous Rick Jank said...

Not trying to stir the hornet nest here, but if before me I had someone who WAS worried about our being competitive standing next to someone who WASN'T worried about our being competitive ...I'd go with the first guy being the true fan. Yes, I think this a good move overall, but the downside would be if we become a sub .500 team in the A-10.

12:55 PM  
Anonymous Rob Walters said...

Be disappointed if some did not stir the nest :) I agree a true fan expects their team to be competitive and will be disappointed if they are not; but I also expect a true fan to support the team when they are not.

I do worry if Mason will have enough support (financially) to be competitive. I think we are going to need some true fans to be willing to take a leap of faith and open their wallets. The risk in Fairfax for the school to take make that leap without a history of support is much higher than it was in Richmond.

1:54 PM  

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