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How to pick your bracket if you're a George Mason fan

George Mason Basketball: How to pick your bracket if you're a George Mason fan

Monday, March 18, 2013

How to pick your bracket if you're a George Mason fan

Sweet 16

Louisville - St. Louis

Is it ok to root for Luke Hancock? Why did he leave? Why won't you accept my friend requests? God damn you're so deceptively athletic, I can't pick against you. EVER.

Middle Tenn St. - Creighton

Go mid-majors go! Remember when George Mason was that team all BCS bubble school fans hated? This year it's definitely MTSU. 

Wichita St. - Wisconsin

Wow seems like ages ago when Mason beat Wichita State to not only get into the big dance but then advance to Elite Eight. Eh, I'll guess I'll pick them to hand an overrated #1 seed an upset.

New Mexico - Ohio State

I shouldn't pick Ohio State to go this far because I should despise them. But every time I watch them play I say "oh that's what it's like to have a true point guard who runs an offense efficiently and actually plays defense." Touche Buckeyes touche. Also them New Mexico boys ain't bad. They did score eight points in the last 30-seconds against Mason earlier this year.

Kansas - VCU

God dammit, how is VCU a #5 seed?!? If I pick them I feel I will disgrace the Mason nation and if I don't I know they will somehow make the Final Four again. If have to hear Jim Nance talk more about "Havoc" I might have to kill myself. Ah screw it. 

Indiana - Syracuse

Georgetown won't make it this far so IU-Orange it is, they always kill my bracket, not this year Hoyas! Go Florida Gulf State!

Butler - Miami (FL)

I knew it I knew it I knew it. Coach L come back to Fairfax! If I don't pick Miami they will win the national championship won't they?!?!  How can I pick against them, I know damn well that scramble defense is going to eat the East region alive. Remember when Shane Larkin came to Mason Madness?? (sobs). Kill me now, get ready for Larranga's million interviews this week comparing each win to 2005-2006.

Final Four picks:

Louisville - Ohio State

Luke, I just want you to be happy. I can't quit you. Wait, I mean good luck, remember Peyton Siva is faster than you down the court! By the way I noticed you changed your phone number, no biggie, I know your probably busy with practices and stuff. Text me!

VCU - Miami (FL)

Oh perfect. Either way I'm pissed. Havoc once again meets scramble. Larranaga will win and will go on to say this is the best program he's ever been around. Sticking it to Tom O'Connor and rightfully so. During the game their will be so many George Mason and CAA references that you mute the TV five minutes in and make the move to hard liquor. 

Happ March Madness!

[Photo by John Powell]



Anonymous Brandon Smith said...

My final in all my pools is Coach L vs Luke's Cardinals with Luke taking it all and justifying his decision to leave us...

2:45 PM  
Anonymous Christopher Hirsch said...

I'd say Luke's decision has already been justified. He just won a conference tournament in the Garden and hung out with the former President.

4:36 PM  
Anonymous Bentley said...

He already went to a final four last year, yes he was red shirted but he still was part of that team. He must be looking back at Mason and thinking he dodged a major bullet if he'd stayed.

12:09 AM  
Anonymous Bentley said...

This could be the most painful March Madness ever for Mason fans to watch. The whole Coach L story. I cheer for him but I can't lie, it will really hurt if they perform ands have to see him cut down nets and make the final four again. In Verizon Center no less. I have tickets for those games and will cheer for Miami, but seeing it in Verizon and hearing the whistling again live will tear on the heart strings.

Luke also is a hard thing to watch. To see him on the nation stage all season holding his own and being a HUGE factor for the Cards as a swing man and thinking of what he'd be doing for Mason now. My hats off to him, but still hard to watch.

Then VCU who many argue are on a clear path to at least the elite 8. Would love to see a Smart-Larranaga match up for the final four. Smart's contract set the ball in motion for Coach L's departure. Would love to see him lose at the hands of the original CAA Godfather.

Finally for old school Mason fans, there is Rick Barnes. The original coach that got away. Mason wins in the CBI and Texas wins their game, Mason would face him for the first time. So we could see VCU make the elite 8, Miami and/or Louisville win the title, and lose to former Mason coach Barnes all in one post season.

12:26 AM  
Anonymous Rick Jank said...

Enjoyed the writeup!

I'll pull for Coach L, without reservation. And I would expect to see a smattering of Mason hats at the Verizon for the Sweet 16. Frankly, Larranaga deserves his success (and the coach of the year award), and the whole thing ought to be a valuable object lesson for the Mason brass. Ditto what VCU is doing. And yep, it would be great to see him throttle VCU in the final four (though as a 5 seed VCU is now a target, and besides they would also have to get by Kansas in a revenge game to get to the field of 8). And don't forget, the Gators could make the final four from that region and face Miami -- that would be a debt Coach L (and I) has been waiting to repay.

10:04 AM  
Anonymous StopWearingPurple said...

I really need to check the tin foil hat. It appears my thoughts are being stolen again. I am happy for the success of all the former Mason and CAA folk. They are not to blame for Mason’s missteps. We should rename our mascot; we can call him Squander.

7:45 AM  

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