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Listen to Paul Hewitt's weekly conference call

George Mason Basketball: Listen to Paul Hewitt's weekly conference call

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Listen to Paul Hewitt's weekly conference call


Anonymous Matt_LC said...

I'm just always looking for a deeper analysis than we get from Hewitt. "What do you want to do differently with Drexel?" and he mentions being physical but I want to hear that he doesn't plan on getting owned on the board. In reference to the Del. game I want to hear that he was concerned that in a game where four guys were in double figures and we had some good rebounding and assist that we put the opposition on the line 30 times!!!! I guess I feel like if he is always Joe Cool with the media maybe he is always Joe Cool in the locker room and perhaps this is why the teams sleepwalks so often or doesn't attend to details like closing the perimeter. I was asked today when their next game was and what their record was and for the first time in almost 15 years I said "I don't know!"

9:47 PM  
Anonymous So Dumb said...

You mean Hewitt isn't crafting his media responses to a guy who comments on a blog; and likely isn't cutting substantial checks.... the horror....

9:15 AM  
Anonymous gmu95 said...

I actually agree with Matt. I want Hewitt to succeed but have doubts about him. His responses to the questions about Saturday's Delaware game and the upcoming Drexel game don't give me any more confidence in him. For one thing, I hope he abandons the press in future games much quicker if it's counterproductive. All the fouls are killing us, especially without Johny Williams in the rotation.

2:38 PM  
Anonymous Matt_LC said...

It's not about crafting the response for me. The lack of critical analysis begs the questions as to whether he is seeing and devising a solution for the repetitive mistakes the team is making. Listen to other coaches (Md, Syr, Mia) and there assessments after a loss are more specific about needed improvement.

8:22 AM  
Anonymous rosswill said...

Back when Hewitt was brought on board there was a question of whether he could coach. GT paid him to leave and fans were warning us about him. I thought we should give him a chance because there was a consensus that he would be successful at the mid major level, but now I think that I was mistaken.

8:57 AM  

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