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Lenn Robbins of the NY Post follows up on his GMU/VCU to the Atlantic 10 story

George Mason Basketball: Lenn Robbins of the NY Post follows up on his GMU/VCU to the Atlantic 10 story

Thursday, May 03, 2012

Lenn Robbins of the NY Post follows up on his GMU/VCU to the Atlantic 10 story

New York Post baseball writer Lenn Robbins created quite a stir in the CAA/Atlantic 10 realignment talks when he tweeted that George Mason and VCU were headed to the A10 on May 1st. Well that date has come and gone and all we know is that Butler has officially announced their intentions to join the A10 in 2013. 

Today Robbins has an updated story on the situation and is still is saying that George Mason and VCU to the A10 has a good chance of happening. He even says that a "new east coast college league" could be forming after George Mason and VCU make their move. 

From Robbins' article:
But what comes next could drastically change the look and direction of college athletics on the Eastern seaboard. The creation of a new conference, featuring programs poised to upgrade from FCS to FBS status, is being seriously explored by many institutions.

Most of those programs are in the Colonial Athletic Association but there are others in the America East Conference that could be in play. The timetable could be decided somewhat by the decisions made by George Mason and Virginia Commonwealth, two NCAA Tournament-proven programs.
Nothing would surprise me at this point, even a new conference forming. It makes sense that other moves could be hinging on whatever George Mason/VCU decide to do, because the A10 would be a basketball force to be reckoned with if they join.

A few more quotes pertaining to GMU/VCU:
One source said it was a done deal George Mason and VCU were headed to the A-10. The only obstacle preventing those programs from leaving now is the CAA’s policy forbidding a school that is leaving the league from playing in its conference tournament, thus making an NCAA berth extremely difficult to achieve.

Another source said the CAA office has been working furiously to convince those programs to stay. At the end of the day, of course, money probably will be the deciding factor.
 I know a lot of you are tired of all the internet rumors and such tied to this story but the issue does not seem to be going away. I traded emails with Brett McMurphy of CBS about the issue since he was the first major media member to write about the story, and he told the schools have no reason to announce anything before July 1st, as we have said here before. They don't want to lose NCAA tournament revenue that they have coming to them on that date, so this is still a wait and see type of thing happening.

The saga continues.


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