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George Mason ends regular season with disappointing loss at VCU

George Mason Basketball: George Mason ends regular season with disappointing loss at VCU

Sunday, February 26, 2012

George Mason ends regular season with disappointing loss at VCU

The Patriots are limping into Hothe post season after a second straight loss. Last night Mason never came close to the Rams' high octane energy in Richmond. The game started off with some controversy after the Mason players started warming up on the court during Bradford Burgess' senior ceremony. Totally classless by the Mason players and it gave VCU even more fuel. For the actual game, I'm not sure what Paul Hewitt's gameplan was in this one as they looked like they had never seen a trap before or the Rams aggressive defense. VCU's defense prevented Mason from during pretty much anything they wanted to on offense. Mason has gotten by this year because of talent but they needed a strong gameplan in this one and didn't get it.

They didn't stop VCU's perimeter game despite having a decent night shooting themselves. The Rams won the battle at the free-throw line which looked similar to their loss against Northeastern. In the end the Rams' "havoc" on defense controlled the game and the Patriots had no answer while being frustrated all night.

Now Mason plays the winner of GSU/Hofstra game on Saturday at 8:30 pm in the CAA tournament.



Anonymous COOLHEADS said...

Mason have talent to win the CAA tourney if they can keep "cool heads" and play focused. Go Mason!

11:08 AM  
Anonymous Charlie T said...

I do hope there is some explanation for the actions pre-game. Does not at all sound like something we would have planned. Speaking of planned. It did not appear we knew what to do when and that was the game. 16-16 and after that it was all over. Having said that I will keep the faith and expect them to have a great week of practice and come together as a team. I guess we have to treat a press as if it were an out of bounds play and have 5 guys try to bring the ball up. Oh,well the old saying tournament time is a new season for all the teams-think Green Bay and the Giants. Truth is no matter what we have 20 plus wins with a new coach. How do you think Maryland fans feel? I am ready for 3 days of peace,love and basketball. Never stop thinking about Woodstock. Just want them to play their best and if they go out make it be with style and most important,Class.

11:30 AM  
Anonymous bdgg said...

Although I love Mason, let me be the first to say this
team is not going anywhere this post season. 
I'm not even sure they will get an invite to the CBI that some
projections show.  Assuming Georgia St.
wins their first round game next Friday, Mason will lose to them on
Saturday.  Not a doubt in my mind Georgia
St. will bounce them.  It's a shame
Person's career is going to end on such a whimper, but it is.  Even if they do win the first game, VCU
will just stomp all over them again as they do every time they meet in the
conference tournament.


Everyone needs to stop glossing over the elephant in the
room this year - this team is NOT THAT GOOD. 
They got wins by beating up on HORRIBLE competition with one of the
weakest schedules in all of division 1. Of the wins, 9 are against a team with
a winning record.  And if that isn't
enough, just use the eyeball test.  How
many times this year has Mason played bad teams and struggled to win?  How many times have they gotten BIG leads
against bad teams, and barley won after blowing the lead?  Just about weekly.  For all the crying about Mason getting the
shaft for Bracketbusters; getting Lamar and a non-TV game, this was not an oversight.  ESPN made a ratings decision.  Mason has been playing UGLY, BAD basketball
this year.  Why put them on TV over teams
playing good ball?  Last night proved they were right to not put them on twice in two weeks.  Hell, I'm a Mason fan
and I can't even watch the games they are so poorly played.  Try a drinking game doing shots after each
turnover.  You're usually trashed by the
second media timeout.


I have hope that after the team gets used to Hewitt and
he can bring in his own recruits, they will be more successful - or at least
play slightly above street ball of running around without organization and
throwing the ball up from all over.  I
have no idea what Hewitt is doing because this certainly isn't a well disciplined,
well coached team. And the garbage they pulled during warmups last night was just embarrassing. 

11:43 AM  
Anonymous bdgg said...

Maryland fans are feeling very good about the direction of their program with Turg since he has ZERO talent and is still competitive. As a matter of fact, they taunt many of us Mason fans about making a "good hire."  Which so far, they are looking to be correct about.

11:47 AM  
Anonymous Charlie T said...

Zero talent,competitive,taunt,good hire,correct. Time will tell with all of that. Not really sure but best to both. It is all fun and makes October to April go by quickly.

12:14 PM  
Anonymous StopWearingPurple said...

Based on the Maryland-Miami game I am not so sure about their coach.  Twice they came out of a time out and there was confusion regarding what play they were running and where folks should be standing.  That was late in the season when they should have these things down.

Based on the fans at the Comcast center their feelings were either apathy (poor student showing) and misery (bitching and moaning the entire game, even after the win).

12:31 PM  
Anonymous RealMasonFan said...

First of all, we all need to relax. VCU went on a 12-0 run over 79 seconds. Erase those 79 seconds, and this is another highly competitive, possibly last possession game. Oh, and we had 4 backups in during those 79 seconds. You have to at least give some credit to this team looking considerably more competitive in the 2nd half, especially when the free throw differential was as lopsided as it was.

As for the pregame thing, I was there, VCU ran way long with it, and the GMU players started coming out, then stopped and turned back, and an official told them they could run out. Should it have happened? No, but easy on the classless stuff.

Clearly it wasn't a great game but it wasn't a damning game either. Be a fan and actually say something positive about the team once in a while.  

12:33 PM  
Anonymous Taylormade703 said...

I was there.  Classless coming out during their ceremony.  I don't know who was at fault (an official, coach, player(s), etc.) but it was something you would expect from another school.  A bunch of us in the stands we saying "why did we just do that!?!" 

Hey, I have an idea: we're already in a hostile environment, let's add feul to the fire!  Yeah, that'll show them!

And using 3 timeouts in the beginning of the game and only have two left for the remaining 28 minutes?  I'm trying not to be critical, but...

A positive I saw last night was that Copes really brought it.  He wasn't intimidated.  People were heckling him in the stands and he gave it right back.  Some players wither away in a hostile environment, Copes seemed to thrive.

1:25 PM  
Anonymous bdgg said...

have to disagree with you there.  Maryland is extremely well coached and it shows this late in the season.  They beat a team they had no business beating, with walk ons playing no less.  Turg is calling the right plays and set ups, this team doesn't have the talent to execute consistently.  But the coaching was a key to the win as recognized here.

But you are right, this late in the season the bugs should be worked out; which is why Mason's 20 turnovers a game is inexcusable.  As for the attendance, the UMD student's are idiots and don't get it. However overall, the game had TWICE AS MANY as Mason draws on good nights. (almost 13k)  I will never understand why Mason cannot generate a decent following.  I thought it would change after the final four, but it has not.  Just look at VCU, not only do they sell out, but that place is electric every game.  Same with ODU.

1:34 PM  
Anonymous bdgg said...

You don't have to always say something positive to be a "fan," sometimes you have to let a little reality creep in. Getting destroyed by VCU on national TV was just the tipping point for many. 

1:44 PM  
Anonymous anotherview said...


Despite the presence of some talented players, the current team lacks the ball handling needed for sustained success.  Allen and  Edwards are not convincing as big time point guards. The rest of the team does not pass or move well enough to compensate.

The absence of senior leadership showed yesterday. Morrison, Pearson and Cornelius took turns over-reacting to one thing or another. It's not like they have never played in Richmond before or suffered under CAA style officiating.

Once again the officiating was sensationally awful. Much as I think Morrison needs to grow up, I have to say that at least two of the calls against him -- hanging on the rim and a blocking foul in the second half (against Redic ?) were as bad as any call you will see anywhere. But sadly that's college officiating and it's not likely to change.

Having said all that, I have to add that Hewitt is not the right kind of coach for the CAA. The most successful teams in the CAA are extremely physical. VCU does exactly one thing well -- pressing full court. It is terrible in the half court offense or defense, but given Smart's ability to get players to do things his way and the unwillingness of the officials to call the game properly, the all-out pressure works. And you could say much the same sort of thing about ODU and Drexel when they have had good teams. The soft, slick, sloppy approach that Hewitt employs just will not win the big games in the CAA. It's not that he is a bad coach. In fact, I think he has done some things quite well --like using an 11-man rotation to good effect (something that most coaches would not dare to try). But to win in the CAA you have to play physical defense and be able to score despite physical defense and I don't think Hewitt's approach will get you there.

1:51 PM  
Anonymous cgh274 said...

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2:06 PM  
Anonymous Patriot74 said...

You're the type of fan who always sees the bad in everything. Take a page out of RealMasonFan's book for a change.

2:13 PM  
Anonymous chris_y said...

After the Northeastern loss, this game really didn't matter.  The only thing that matters is winning this tournament, and that means beating VCU at the Coliseum. So, in a way, it's better that they didn't have a game plan, as long as they have one for next weekend.

2:22 PM  
Anonymous Sjones said...

Hi Everyone. Mason beat VCU last Valentine's Day with a 3 3-pointers with under a minute and with the final 3 at the buzzer from 25+ feet. Down in Richmond Mason got the beat down on national TV by VCU due to payback from the game in Fairfax and poor behavior of the team to start the game (multiple media reports). And how about that 7,600+ crowd to sell out the 18th and final home game of the season! VCU is ready and waiting to take down Mason again during the CAAs and fight it out with Drexel for the automatic birth to the NCAA.  And yes, 25 regular seasons wins, a VCU record!  Last year was not a fluke.  VCU has a very Smart coach.  See you in Richmond!  Go RAMS Go! 

3:14 PM  
Anonymous stephen said...

Again...high school gym... VCU depended on good shooting and they had the hype to do well. The second half was actually better scored by GMU, we had a weak start and ultimately it costed us the game. We will see in the tournament ;)

3:28 PM  
Anonymous Taylormade703 said...

Unfortunely, we'll have to play them on their other home court in Richmond.  When can we get the tournament out of that Richmond Coliseum dump anyways?

3:40 PM  
Anonymous COOLHEADS said...

Join the A10!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

3:54 PM  
Anonymous Sjones said...

How many sell outs at the Patriot Center this year?  Over 1 million people live in Fairfax and you can't sell out a 10,000 seat gym.  Pretty poor fan support for a 30,000+ student school.  By the way, the game was won on 20 GMU turnovers, 32 GMU fouls and a super defensive effort by VCU.  See you in Richmond!

4:24 PM  
Anonymous Taylormade703 said...

I wouldn't think twice about joining the A-10!

4:24 PM  
Anonymous Moses said...

Put a pink ribbon in your hair and hold your pom poms over your head during tv time outs so we'll know which one you are.

4:35 PM  
Anonymous Taylormade703 said...

Stephen, I think what Sjones was trying to say was how he liked the fact they could sell out a 7000 seat gym with the only competition for fans dollars in Richmond are 1) Richmond Spiders and 2) Richmond Braves. 

I'm sure it was just an oversight, but he failed to acknowledge that in Fairfax you are competeing with 1) Redskins, 2) Capitals, 3) Wizards, 4) Georgetown, 5) George Washington and 6) Nationals.  There's a little more competition for the discrecionary dollar up here.

It's two different worlds.

4:50 PM  
Anonymous Itgmu said...

 Richmond is a terrible city and that ghetto of a 7-11 near VCU campus that had 7-8 thugs in under shirts loitering outside is burned in my mind. Visited there once for a concert and will never go back. Enjoy living in dump of a city VCU.

6:36 PM  
Anonymous Patriot74 said...

Yeah one is a cosmopolitan area while the other resembles a post-nuclear war shantytown.

7:01 PM  
Anonymous patriot74 said...

It hasnt change much. Went there last night to support Mason and probably wont go back. The VCU fans inside the arena were angry,rude rednecks. And that was while their team was up by over 20.

7:08 PM  
Anonymous mooky_l3d said...

I hate to point this out but the only reason that Mason scored 50 in the 2nd half was due to VCU pulling the trapping D off at about 15 min. mark.  They also didn't attempt as many 3's in the 2nd.  They really didn't need to though because of the amount of fouls on Mason.  I believe they were in the 1 and 1 about 12 min. left in the game.  Not saying that the refs called to many on Mason, I am saying that Mason the past few games has fouled to much and set themselves up for fouls to be called on them (every time a foul is called crying like a baby-Acorn, Pearson, and Morrison).  Whether or not the call was legit or not if you act like they did then the refs will pay attention to every little thing they do.  The coaches job is to work the officials and get the "T" not the players.  Disappointed in the no show of the first half with the guards looking like deer in head lights.  

How is it that not one of the guards knows how to attack a press or dribble through the double team/traps?  If one person is getting trapped where is the uncovered person?  VCU knew how to release and make the long passes(just an example).  

GO MASON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

To the seniors it is time to shut up and ball!  

7:45 PM  
Anonymous mooky_l3d said...

Don't let one small area of Richmond describe the entire area.  I can say the same thing about NVA.  I grew up there and live in Richmond. 

7:47 PM  
Anonymous COOLHEADS said...

Mr. Puzzer,I know its a free country and what are you doing on the GMU blog? Go talk to your evil ram jam minions and please stay our out of our house.

7:51 PM  
Anonymous COOLHEADS said...

Mr. Puzzer,I know its a free country and what are you doing on the GMU blog? Go talk to your evil ram jam minions and please stay out of our house.

7:52 PM  

I second that motion!

8:05 PM  
Anonymous BoredInClass said...

The complete lack of a floor general has hurt us all season. VCU not only exposed it, but focused on it and it showed. This is my official petition to give Bryce Lewis a shot at the starting point guard spot next year. I am being completely serious. I know I will catch a lot of laughs, but honestly how much worse could he do than Allen and Edwards. 20 turnovers, 8 from the point guard. Bryan is not a point guard. He is a 2 guard who can drive the lane and hit floaters. Corey, plain and simple is a turnover machine at times. There's something to be said for a Junior walk-on who was begged by the players to tryout. Personally, I know that he has studied the game very heavily and knows how to involve his teammates. He deserves a chance, and I think many of you will be very surprised. Yes he is a walk-on, but the kid can really play. All the being said, I am optimistic about the tournament and hope Mason can get everything straight and make a run.

10:20 PM  
Anonymous Bdgg said...

A10 is looking for VCU, Drexel, or ODU to join, Mason is just a fall back if those schools can't move.

11:57 PM  
Anonymous Bdgg said...

I always see the bad, or I can observe what I'm seeing? It is in the stat sheets, take a peek when you have some free time.

12:00 AM  
Anonymous Davis said...

Mason has the talent to be the best in the CAA. They could make a run. But looking at their body of work this season, they draw GA St in the first game. Worst possible early match up. I see them bounced next Saturday. Probably better. I'd rather lose to GSU then get destroyed by VCU again.

12:09 AM  
Anonymous Moses said...

What was interesting about the game was that when Mason got desperate and needed the ball and pressed, they got results. But otherwise they don't play with a sense of urgency, they settle for bad shots and they're D is soft. They did not match VCU's effort or intensity. When they do, they can create offense from it and get deep against the havoc. They must attack because unless they do that they'll have no open looks on the perimeter. VCU defends too well. 
As much as I'd like to trash Shaka and the team, I can't. They work their asses off and comport themselves well. They deserve the success. And while some of their fans are real tools, they are loud and loyal and travel and it's a great scene they've got going there. If Mason played in a band box like they do, it would be packed and loud every game as well. 

7:38 AM  
Anonymous Patriot74 said...

Wait till the season's over before passing final judgement. They still have one more game left(at the very least).

11:36 AM  
Anonymous Patriot74 said...

Not what I heard. They sent out feelers for us and vcu. Never even heard ODU in the equation.

11:38 AM  
Anonymous Patriot74 said...

What makes you think we'll lose to Vcu again-let alone get destroyed-have some faith brother!

11:41 AM  
Anonymous PhantomOfThePatriotCenter said...

While I agree that VCU has a much more electric and energized crowed than Mason, comparing the two isn’t necessarily fair. The Seigel Center seats 2500 less than the Patriot Center. VCU may have better raw numbers than Mason this year, but 5,000 fans showing up at VCU looks much different than 5,000 fans showing up at Mason. Also, Richmond has no legitimate professional sports, and only has to contend with University of Richmond for fan support. VCU gets a high concentration of the area’s sports fans. Sports fans in the D.C. area have both the Wizards and the Caps (I know, I know, they both stink right now), as well as several other major college programs to compete with for fans. So, while Mason’s atmosphere may be inferior to VCU’s (you can thank Tom O’Connor for the lame-ness of the Patriot Center), they are operating under an entirely different set of external factors.

2:31 PM  
Anonymous BoredInClass said...

Unless Bryce comes back we will have no Seniors next season, Paris is a redshirt sophomore at the moment.

3:04 PM  
Anonymous BP said...

Ah good catch. You're right about Paris. Will be really interesting to see who takes over the reigns. 

3:57 PM  
Anonymous overrated14 said...

Oh Stop It!!!  Let's get back to basketball.  VCU has an excellent defensive team.  #1 Steals per game in the country. That's how they beat you.  Easy baskets.  However, there weakness is in the post.  Riddic and Haley are soft.   There perimeter game is inconsistent.

4:51 PM  
Anonymous A Patriot said...

 I agree with most of this.  I'm holding out hope that Corey can make the sophomore leap next year and become the general that this team needs.  Bryon is much more effective off  the ball, and both he and Hewitt have alluded to this in some post game remarks. 

I think the lack of a legitimate 3 point shooter has hurt this team the most, though; how many times last year did Cam bail us out with a timely 3?  Vertrail and Andre are much too streaky.  Sherrod could be that guy, but he seems to be deferring to teammates.  Patrick Holloway seems to have a pure stroke, something we haven't seen since Lamar Butler was in the green and gold. 

Also, we don't have a back-to-the-basket big man.  Ryan certainly plays like a face-up 3 who occasionally will grab a rebound under the hoop for a put-back.  Mike's post offense has definitely taken great strides this season, but I don't think he has the moves or footwork to be a consistent threat. 

I agree that this team isn't built to play physically this year, but you're forgetting about Erik Copes and Johnny Williams.  Copes is certainly one of the most physical players we've had in a while and Johnny had some brilliant(!) moves against Sullinger in the tournament last year.  Add Anali into that mix as a 3 or face-up 4 and I think we have one of the most physical front lines in recent Mason history. 

I'm definitely writing this season off, though.  We haven't been able to string together two solid halves of basketball in a row, let alone attempting three straight days of it against the likes of Georgia State, VCU, and Drexel.

6:08 PM  
Anonymous Sjones said...

"On behalf of George Mason University, we apologize for the inappropriate behavior by our men's basketball team before the game versus VCU on Saturday. Our team took the court for pre-game warm-ups prematurely during the senior night presentation for the Rams' Bradford Burgess. Our players' behavior was discourteous and showed a lack of respect for Bradford and his family, and for the VCU team and community. I have personally expressed our apologies to Athletic Director Norwood Teague and with his consent have attempted and will continue to reach out to the Burgess family. George Mason University and our athletic program hold dearly the concept of sportsmanship and respect, and our players understand that we did not exemplify these values during the presentation to Bradford."

Your AD also made similar apologies for the "F**K You VCU" cheers during the Feb 14th game.  Including a personal email to me with top administrators at GMU copied including Alan G. Merten, your president. 

From my standpoint, both the players and students need to clean up your acts.  And by the way, I live 5 miles from Mason here in Fairfax.

7:50 PM  
Anonymous CommonLink87 said...

All this nonsense about how clean a city is, the fans..come on guys, let's keep it to the action on the court. VCU manhandled us, plain and simple. We knew they could steal and press and oh did they exploit that fly in the ointment. I would like to know, though, if the press was something we all saw at home as an issue, how was this not addressed before we went down to VCU? I mean how can you honestly expect to win a game when you can't even inbound the's embarrassing to watch, I can't imagine what it feels like for the guys on the floor. The only other thing I really have an issue with is our lack of drive and points in the paint. You just can't let teams tally 15-20 more flips per game. The three balls...that could've just been a hot night for those two, can't really fault our guys for that. I hope we pull our act together before Saturday, it's gonna be two nail biters if we can make it past the D of Ga. St., then we've got another one in VCU, If we get past the rams, it's ours. Neither ODU or Drexel is taking us on a neutral court. I hate not enjoying the present, but I can't wait for the 2013 season when this team gains a little length and has a sophomore/freshman guard combo that can get it done.

12:45 AM  
Anonymous whatever said...

blah blah blah old news get over it, we don't care who you are.

1:25 PM  
Anonymous Jacobcoach1 said...

I totally understand that this teams needs a point guard but why is it directed at corey & allen? What about Vetrail, and AC? They cant come and dribble the ball up the court? They are guards also!!! Neither one are shutdown guards on D, and if they are not making threes what else do they bring?

3:13 PM  
Anonymous BP said...

It's been directed at them because Hewitt is playing them at the one guard the majority of the time in games, whereas Andre and Vertrail are being used more as two guards. Allen and Edwards have been making a lot of mistakes on offense, i wouldn't trust Andre to bring the ball up either though. he frequently makes a lot of errors in judgment on both sides of the ball as well (i.e. frustration fouls after he turns it over). Vertrail was THE 3-point shooter last year and that's about all he does. he hasn't been that guy for us this year as he simply cannot consistently stroke it from downtown. 

4:21 PM  

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