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Previewing George Mason's Bracketbusters game against Lamar

George Mason Basketball: Previewing George Mason's Bracketbusters game against Lamar

Friday, February 17, 2012

Previewing George Mason's Bracketbusters game against Lamar

This year's Bracketbusters game doesn't have the same excitement that sometimes goes with the event.  A win tomorrow against Lamar from the Southland conference doesn't do much for the Patriots overall resume. Some media members are still holding on to hope that the CAA has a chance for an at-large bid this year but the numbers are against them. The main thing is that this is the last home game for seniors Ryan Pearson, Mike Morrison, and Andre Cornelius.  A class that has seen some great success over their four years. Back when they were sophomores and Kevin Foster was still here they referred to themselves as KRAM and even had their own spotlight on Comcast Sportsnet. Their ending hasn't been written yet and another trip to the NCAA tournament is certainly the way this group deserves to goes out on.  

Lamar is a small team that has balanced offense, while being coach by Pat Knight, who is legend Bob Knight's son. They get to the free-throw line at a higher rate than Mason, which is a lot. Couple that with the fact that they grab a ton of offensive rebounds and you can see this is a team Mason shouldn't take lightly.  While averaging more than 75 points a game they are more accustomed to higher scoring affairs than some of the other teams Mason has faced this season.

What we are looking for here is for Mason to build off their win over VCU and continue to roll.  At this point it would certainly be reassuring to see them blow out someone, anyone.  A dominating performance even at home, gives me more confidence in this team going to Richmond a week from tomorrow beating VCU again. This is the time of year where the teams that start to get hot do well in the postseason.

Also here is a nice feature on guard Jordan Baird with some cool behind the scenes footage of the team this year.



Anonymous Christopher Hirsch said...

Expect a win, but definitely not a blowout. Lamar is guard heavy, their leading rebounder is a guard. I think we can dominate them with our bigs and I expect Pearson to have a huge game.

11:00 AM  
Anonymous Kathryn said...

Music majors represent!

11:00 AM  
Anonymous Brandon Smith (@SigmaNorm) said...

Some fans have made banners for the seniors and we want students and fans to sign them before the game. We will be in the parking lot outside the South entrance to the Pat Center at 2pm to start the signing party!!!

11:17 AM  
Anonymous Christopher Hirsch said...

Barely even recognize Pearson in those pics.

12:06 PM  
Anonymous Charlie T said...

Once again you said it best and now it means even more. By that I mean we are on such a high right now after the VCU game that if we do stumble things could get rather difficult. Perhaps if I did not keep playing the games against Hofstra, JMU,UNCW and even Towson in my head I would feel better. Yes there are more games then that but they all look and feel alike. We really have no choice but to play hard smart basketball for 40 minutes. Lamar wants to say they beat a first place team and their conference would love that. I care less if we are playing them or anyone from here on. To me play each game as if it were a tournament game and take no prisoners. One last thing.Many thanks to Ryan,Andre and Mike. You will be replaced on the court but not in my memories. Thanks again.

2:58 PM  
Anonymous Moses said...

For the young guys (especially the young guards) to have had such a good experience against the VCU pressure is a big building block going forward. It has to be good for their confidence and at the same time they can't get overconfident against Lamar. Remember, Allen had a poor game against ODU but bounced back nicely and was very key against VCU. 

It's snuck up on me, but I'm a big fan of Mike Morrison. While he's driven me nuts over the past 4 years, he has grown each year and this year especially has matured and worked and kept it together. Mostly though, he's a really good kid. On the court you see kind of a menacing, not always smart/poised guy. Off it, he's a bright, sensitive guy with a big heart. If it is true that it's not what we achieve but what we overcome that matters, Mike is living the dream. He has carved out a very nice, positive college career. He has gotten his emotions under control and has always wanted it so bad, always played with fire and I appreciate that. (And he's making free throws.)

Best of luck to Mike and all the other seniors.

4:20 PM  
Anonymous Ca_dreamin said...

Ryan, Mike, and Andre -- thanks for the good times & great memories taking my son to all the games.  We'll be there for every last game, home and away.  You guys will be missed!  Oh, and Andre, my son is convinced your yellow shoes are good luck charms for the team.... keep wearing 'em!  :-)

10:42 PM  
Anonymous Matt said...

Great job these Seniors have done!  Ryan has been constant, Mike has always brought a lot of spirit and enthusiasm to the whole team, Andre (we don't need to measure everyone by their most glaring omissions) has played tremendous D and shot the 3 well over his time.

I feel like this team is smart enough to realize winning out is critical and I think they want to do that with intensity.  If we did that with wins over VCU and ODU on the road and lots in the CAA finals, I'd hangin on to a sliver of hope the commitee will recognize a team in transition with lots of talents that would make a good tourney team. (yeah we've had a list of should haves but maybe we spark now and show our best for 6 games!)

8:02 AM  

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