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Paul Hewitt's early success at George Mason this season has been underrated

George Mason Basketball: Paul Hewitt's early success at George Mason this season has been underrated

Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Paul Hewitt's early success at George Mason this season has been underrated

Most fans were not quick to pencil in George Mason as pre-season CAA favorites with the departure of Jim Larranaga and then starter Luke Hancock. When Paul Hewitt was hired, I had my doubts. The way things ended at Georgia Tech for him was a less than favorable way for a head coach to leave a program.  Now with the Patriots about to enter February in first place in the conference, you can't argue that what Hewitt's done with George Mason so far has been underrated. Hewitt and Larranaga have vastly different personalities and yet the transition for the returning players seems to have gone rather smoothly. In in my opinion, Hewitt and his staff have gotten more out of seniors Ryan Pearson and Mike Morrison than Larranaga and his crew ever did. Hewitt seems to have a more relaxed approach with the players and he has instilled confidence in this team after they had experienced some shakiness in the early games this year.  

When you look at how things have progressed this season for the Patriots it is difficult not to say he's doing an excellent job.  For starters, these aren't his players, with the exception of freshman Erik Copes. Most players on this roster had at least two seasons of Larranaga's philosophy; a defensive-minded system that produced wins and NCAA tournament appearances.  Hewitt didn't come in and try to change a lot of things but he still had big shoes to fill with a roster of guys who were used to winning under a different style of play. 

The fact that he is winning despite basically having a completely different backcourt from last season, is also pretty impressive. He gave the younger players time to develop and didn't have a short leash on them. The rest of the CAA is littered with more seasoned backcourts coming into this season and this where he exceeded expectations. We are also seeing a side of guys like Jonathan Arledge we didn't know existed and it makes you wonder how much more he has in store for the player development on this team.  Ryan Pearson was already a preseason CAA player of year candidate but I didn't think he would be capable of the production he is currently giving. Meanwhile Mike Morrison has improved drastically at the free-throw line, been a more assertive rebounder of late, and has had more double-digit scoring nights than last season.

And while this year's team might very well miss the NCAA tournament, I think it will be difficult for fans to be disappointed with all things considered, especially if this team finishes atop the CAA standings.  It's not often coaches experience this much success in their first year at a new program so fans should be pretty optimistic going forward. And while Jim Larranaga is not forgotten in Fairfax, you'll notice fans aren't constantly bickering about what they think this season would have been like if he was still head coach.

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Anonymous Charlie T said...

The table has been set not just for this year but the future. Players want to play and with this system they will. Mason will be a contender for quite some time. Sure there will be bumps in the road but both coaches are proven winners and that will continue. Hats off to our AD. Great choice.

11:53 AM  
Anonymous Christopher Hirsch said...

Consider me still skeptical. I think Morrison and Pearson would still be having just as good seasons with Coach L. They were going to be seniors and leaders anyway. The only reason their numbers might have been slightly down would be because Luke would have been back.

I still think if Hewitt finds success here for 3 years he will go back to coaching a major conference team. I think he looks at Mason as a stopgap to prove that he can coach well and get another chance at the highest level. I hope I am wrong and he is in for the long haul. I don't want Mason to become a revolving door for coaches like VCU has become. Sure, it worked out for VCU but stability is always preferred.

Let's see how we do against VCU twice and ODU, the competition has been less than stellar during conference play thus far.

I am very happy with where the team is, but I will need to see Hewitt carry this over the next few years before I feel good about his hire.

12:03 PM  
Anonymous Josh said...

More important than wins or losses to me is the strong basketball culture that has come together in Fairfax. The game day experience at the Patriot Center is top-notch and just keeps getting better. Doc Nix. Increased attendance even for weekday games. More food options. Concourse upgrades. And now a flashy new LED scoreboard. The elevation of George Mason's basketball program is astounding. Go Patriots!

12:10 PM  
Anonymous gmuhoops said...

Maybe they would have, but I think you can't overlook what Hewitt and asst. coach Roland Houston have done for them. 

1:11 PM  
Anonymous Patriot74 said...

Now if we could only get a practice facility for the players.

1:40 PM  
Anonymous Good said...

I was skeptical about Hewitt at the begging because his GT background. Now, I am convinced that he is a good coach and can help players develop, and is good a recruiting. We have a good future! 

1:58 PM  
Anonymous theresa dawson said...

That needs to be priority #1 for the basketball teams!!  Should have already been built frankly after the 2006 Final Four run brought in more students and money into the university and the athletic department.

3:56 PM  
Anonymous theresa said...

Especially with what they have done to improve Mike Morrison free throw percentages and Jonathan Arledge's overall game.

3:58 PM  
Anonymous CAARules said...

You can thank O'Connor for the practice facility....

4:03 PM  
Anonymous Doug Economou said...

I'm happy that that we haven't sunk into CAA mediocrity and the team seems to have played better under Hewitt as the season progresses.  It's Hewitt's departure from GA Tech combined with the losses to FAU and FIU at the beginning of the season that caused widespread panic. I was afraid to watch this team for a while.  All things considered, a first-place regular season finish would be a success this year while a tournament title and a second-straight ticket to the dance would be an over-achievement.  Probably looking at a #13-#15 seed and a first-round exit though.

4:35 PM  
Anonymous couch coach said...

Let's play the devil's advocate here, and see what comes to the surface. What if Pearson and Morrison played in a very very competitive conference last year? What if they played the following year (this year) in a very weak conference? What if their SOS was 287 (one of the easiest in the country)? Would this have any positive impact on their stats... maybe, just a little? What if we ended up playing LAMAR in the bracket buster game? Would you be expecting more than this in October? What if 3 months ago we were talking about the BIG-FISH we were hunting for the class of 2012; would you be disappointed that we didn't land one? How about the fact that we only have one scholarship left for the next two years, where's the beef? He needed the talent to make up for his coaching (lack of) that was the knock on him right? For a guy that isn't a very good coach, i don't see 1 million dollars worth of recruiting. Maybe, just maybe... we're a subpar team with questionable recruits? The write up said Marko was deadly from the outside, but he shoots 33% from there. Does that sound like hype? Holloway, maybe he's small and a poor defender, and that's why he hasn't been recruited heavily? These guys could turn out to be monsters. I'm just saying, it’s a disappointment, NO Big Fish that is. Am I disappointed? Well, I'm not looking forward to that LAMAR game, and haven’t enjoyed watching some of the worst teams in the country take us down to the wire on our own home court. I think there's an arguement here. The next 6 weeks will answer the question, does something smell rotten, or is it just me?

4:54 PM  
Anonymous gmuhoops said...

You are hilarious. I know you're just being a troll because you're bored or something but still. Wow.  

Not sure how you Mike Morrison's FT% got better by playing worse teams, you'll have to explain that one to me.  And fine perhaps Ryan Pearson is scoring more this season against worse teams but he is also getting doubled-teamed this year when opposing teams couldn't do that last season because of guys like Cam and Luke.The big fish comment is pretty funny to me considering Hewitt has already brought more highly rated recruits here than Larranaga, so I don't know you mean exactly by "$1 million worth of recruiting". What is wrong with only one scholarship left? Do you realize we have no seniors graduating next season? That 33% number I gave you for Marko  was from last summer in the FIBA games and not this high school current season, which is was not what that scouting report was observing. His high school numbers are much better. I'll take someones word who actually watched the kid play.If you're such an expert on Patrick Holloway and evaluating high school kids watch his game tonight here and send us all your report. it's obvious you haven't watched him at all.

5:18 PM  
Anonymous Patriot74 said...

You were also skeptical of my prediction that we'd win 20 games or more. We have 18 wins now in late-January. Hate to say "Told ya so" but thats what it is...

5:25 PM  
Anonymous Patriot74 said...

Once again couch coach strikes again with his ever-present negativity.

5:29 PM  
Anonymous GMURULES said...

This team has greatly improved since the Duquesne game.  This from a guy who saw them play FIU at VT live and UVA live.  They were horrible and I mean horrible in that they had NO clue on offense, Morrison was lost and frustrated, their defense was 5 guys just running around trying to do something.  My son said when he first saw them play it was like a pick up game out there.

I was the biggest critic after the Duquesne game.  I was almost done with them. We all have to admit they have improved since them.  The competition before Duq was just as weak or weaker than after.  We went to ODU and won.  Huge.  We played Drexel very tough in their building.  Is this team still growing, yes.  Are they world beaters, no.  But we are taking steps in the right direction which I did not see in the first 10 games. I give Hewitt credit for keeping it together. Will he leave in 4 years, probably.  Up to Coach L they all left or got fired.  Will O'Connel and new president commit to basketball and get a facility, probably not.  I hope the GMU administration attitude changes for the positive toward hoop.  Coach L and Hewitt have shown you can recruit here. We are a 55 year old school, but I would love for us to take advantage of the one sport that can bring in real money.  We will never be SEC football school, so let's focus on hoop.

6:04 PM  
Anonymous Rmjank said...

To be fair, Couch does hit on a nerve, that yes, maybe we look a little better than we are because of our scheduling (but for a good comparison, take a look at Wichita State's schedule, and try and figure out why they are rated so much higher.  Just one nice win seems to be about the only thing separating us, and our two losses against the florida teams early on of course bring us down).  I just look at it as good fortune, largely, given that we are developing and getting wins at the same time.  And if you are going to detract from Ryan and Mike for weak opponents, on the other side of the ledger don't you also have to "add" to their performances the fact that the players surrounding them are younger and not as able (yet) to produce?

6:19 PM  
Anonymous Taylormade703 said...

I know there are bright people on this board so I want to throw this question out there.  Since we all want a practice facility and increased importance on the basketball program in general, who can we speak to *as a group* to say "hey, let's get this done!"

6:57 PM  
Anonymous Taylormade703 said...

We needed a practice facility YESTERDAY!  But hey, we have a great new set of dorms going up!  Woo-hoo!!!

7:05 PM  
Anonymous gmuhoops said...

The fact remains that Hewitt is doing better than most people thought, especially after the FIU game and that's the point of the post.

7:17 PM  
Anonymous Moses said...

As for Morrison and Pearson's numbers, they're seniors and have improved year over year. They should be better. I don't know how much I'd attribute their present numbers to new coaching. Morrison seems to have mostly learned how to keep his composure (lately) and maybe this is coaching influence, same with free throws. Pearson is doing what he's always done but with Long and Luke gone he's more the go to horse. His body composition has changed for the better as well, and I bet he's stronger and lighter than he's ever been in 4 years. That's commitment and work on his part. 

It seems like Hewitt and his assistants (very important) are on their game with respect to recruiting and it is not inconceivable that they'll load this school with talent for some time and, in fact, take the program to another level. WIshful thinking? Maybe.
One thing I don't get is the emphasis on a new training facility. What is lacking? Honest question. I really don't know.  

First, though VCU and ODU have to be handled and the Duquesne debacle was not that long ago. 
But remember, Larranaga's teams, like most teams out there, were known to lay an early season egg here and there. Liberty and Radford come to mind. I seem to recall losing to both and then going on to have nice seasons.

Recent games tell us little. We'll soon see. Time to step it up. 

8:25 PM  
Anonymous Charlie T said...

He makes the site fun. After all it is freedom of speech,however sometimes it reminds me of what people were saying when Columbus sailed and the Wright Brothers flew.

8:58 PM  
Anonymous gmuhoops said...

Morrison averaged more points as a soph than he did as a junior. Saying they just improved because they are seniors isn't the whole story.

9:15 PM  
Anonymous Patriot74 said...

Yeah! Makes you wanna think where the school's priorities are.

9:27 PM  
Anonymous couch coach said...

Your post stated that coach H's success was underrated. I disagree. As for the insult, i'll chalk it up to poor sportsmanship. We all have our off days. I'd like to add that i'm sorry if you think i have too much time on my hands to read your posts. I will address you questions.
1) Mike Morrison is shooting... what, below 50% again from the line. Maybe he's shooting 47% instead of 43%. What does this have to do with Coach H's being underrated, as you think. Does that mean that Acorn shooting 70% instead of 80% is somehow a dirrect result of coach H. too? 
 2) As for the dynamic of why Pearson's numbers are up, i've already made that clear. I do not contribute Pearson's numbers being up to Coach H. My evidence supports my conclusion. Weak schedule, strong numbers... it's simple and obvious.
3) As for the hype on his recruiting, well... it's well documented. I simply laid down the case that he didn't come through as expected. HE's being paid for what he brings to the table. Your posts have concluded this as well. You just didn't follow up on your original post of his prospects and how he didn't get any of his big-fish. It's a fact and it has nothing to do with coach L.
4) The scholarship reference was to the fact he has only one more bullet in his arsenal to hit that big recruit that he is expected to get. That is what we're talking about, right? expectations?
5) Facts are facts and hype is hype and it's common place in recruiting and coaches and his word or that word. Where are the facts? He said? I'll take his word? That's commical. It's simple, what did they shoot from 3 and the foul stripe? Marko stats that we know are average at best. Am i not right or is their some word of some guy you want to take over facts. Doesn't that guy know what he shoots?
6) Patrick, you said i have not watched him at all. Your assumption is wrong. I've seen him place on two occasions. He shot very poorly, both games combined he shot 2 for 15. I don't doubt the kid can shoot, but what are the facts? Watch him play for a game, or two? Give me a link? Why? It's simple, what are his numbers?
8) I ENJOY YOUR POSTS; I'M SORRY YOU DON'T ENJOY MINE. Maybe you should just read posts with people that agreee with you.

9:42 PM  
Anonymous Matt said...

Again, not getting on "the couch" but I'm not all sunshine either.  Hewitt does get some credit b/c there is a lot of transition.  But can anyone say that at 10-1 would couldn't easily be 5-6.  We have struggled to put away lesser competition with our greater talent.  Credit for not folding completely but there are still issues.  I 'd like to see coaching staff make a more consistent dent on high double digit turnovers and poor rebounding.  I also feel like some teams have found a way to render Pearson invisible and I think we should see some sets run when this happens that get him the ball where he is most dangerous.  Mike has definitely improved, I don't shudder every time he shoots anymore!  Jury is out on all of it until we face our stiffer competition!

9:48 PM  
Anonymous Ross_williams1 said...

I totally agree. I would like to see a solid win against a quality opponent.

10:10 PM  
Anonymous Charlie T said...

Couch coach,Your comments are fine. I just wish sometime you would spell check. Patrick is not a horse ,he did not place. Look no one is going to talk anyone into anything on this site. I just think we should be very happy for where we are based on really how we have turned the ball over. We will get ambushed if we continue that by anybody. The improvement is really in the confidence of some players that they can make plays. I try to look at the overall picture which is new staff, players who really have never played important minutes and yes the future. Do I really think we are as good as Drexel,Vcu or maybe even ODU. No not yet but in a one game situation this year anything can happen. Just please take care of Delaware.

10:45 PM  
Anonymous Good said...

VCU is the challenge. Their defense will test our back court again. 

11:06 PM  
Anonymous Commonlink87 said...

Copy that, schedule to this point has been a tip-toe through the tulips albeit the ODU win and the drubbing by UVa.

3:01 AM  
Anonymous Chuckie B said...

After the first two jaw dropping losses to FIU and FAU, I think anyone on this blog who says they didn't have a feeling like things could get really bad this season would be lying. With that said, how things have turned out this season could be much, much worse. If we go 2-3 in our final games against ODU/VCU, make the CAA finals this year, and do a little better next year in pre-conference play, I'll be a happy camper. What I'm more concerned about here that no one is addressing is losing Mo, Pearson and ACorn next year...who's gonna pick up that slack on both sides of the ball ???   

3:10 AM  
Anonymous Chris S said...

Some of you people are amazing. Here are some facts that can speak to the positive impact of Hewitt and association coming in:

1.) Player development - something we NEVER saw under Coach L.  Morrisson is a totally different player this year - free throws and scoring in the post. He used to be good defensively and ehh offensively - BIG difference this year that has little to do with whom we have played.  BA - a guy that got about 3 minutes a game last year started rough but has matured and blossomed this year - its called development. In Coach L's program - DJ would be the point because he was a senior. Arledge and Vughn Grey have also improved as the year has progressed and you can tell they have picked up some skills. He has already developed freshmen and sophomore players into ones that can start or come off the bench. In Coach L's system - a player stopped developing or improving at the end of his freshman year. His sophomore year abilities were what you had for the remaining three. 

2.) Recruiting - I think Hewitt has done a great job recruiting - I cannot imagine any complaints from people here.  Please tell me a "big fish" Coach L brought to the table.  I think Copes, Okiloji (sp?), and Marko are going to be huge.  Marko is a 6' 9" perimeter guy that can move the ball and shoot from the outside - please don't tell me that won't cause serious match up problems for the teams we play.  

Given that with the loss of two solid seniors and a transition to a new Coaching team and style - by all rights this SHOULD be a down year for Mason.  If 18-5 (10-1) is our down season - give me more.  

6:53 AM  
Anonymous Moses said...

Of course it's not the whole story, just as having a higher scoring average as a sophomore does not mean he was a better player then than he is now. There are a  variety of factors that cause one to improve and/or have a higher scoring average one of which may be better/different handling by the coaches or a different scheme. 

I keep reading hints that the handling of Mike Mo by these coaches is new and improved over Coach L. So, what do you know? Is this a reference to the assistant who works with the big men?  

6:56 AM  
Anonymous gmuhoops said...

Yes, as I have said before, Roland Houston is a solid big man coach.

8:34 AM  
Anonymous gmuhoops said...

Long time readers of this site know I am not all sunshine when it comes to this team. I don't just sugarcoat things because I'm a fan.  I thought we would struggle to be in the top 4 this season under Hewitt and we have been in first place for over a month. I think he deserves some credit for that this season. That's all.

8:36 AM  
Anonymous GMURULES said...

Good question.  GMUHOOPS???? 

8:46 AM  
Anonymous gmuhoops said...

1) hes shooting 10% better from the FT line, lately he's regressed some but at one point he was over 50%, which is a huge jump from 39% last season. Multiple articles said Hewitt let him have a different approach to shooting, Coach L forced his method on him and it didn't work as well.

2) you still haven't answered how he's doing this while being constantly double-teamed this season.

3) coaches go after a ton of prospects that never reach their program. that was ONE recruiting period and you are ready to jump off the ship. You say recruiting reports are all hype and BS and then you get made when we don't land this kids? he is still offering and getting better prospects than Larranaga did so i don't know what you're arguing. 

4) You for some reason expect him to land another chris bosh, that isn't going to happen. when you're expectation match reality come on back and we can have a real conversation about this team. I'd love it!

5) I know very little about Marko, not saying hes dirk nowitzki not saying he going to be a bust here either. I'm just posting what has been said about him and it seems pretty good. If you go to his high school teams website you can see he has had multiple 30 point games on a team that plays very good competition.

6)Where are you getting these numbers? You know what the facts don't show , a guys clutch ability like Patrick showed in that win over DeMatha. I don't care what the facts or made up stats you are posting say, I'm excited he's coming here sorry you aren't.

7) if you don't want to be called a troll back up your points with references and stats about this team.

8) A lot of people don't agree with him but most provide logic to their points and don't just be negative to be negative. 

8:48 AM  
Anonymous gmuhoops said...

I'd love this team to have a practice facility but sadly this university doesn't seem interested in helping make this program jump to the next level.

8:52 AM  
Anonymous GMURULES said...

Chris, losing Hancock also, strengthens your point.  Well said. I loved Coach L, still do, but I also think the players did not develop.  the true test will be improvement of players next year, giving Hewett a full year with them.  Recruiting, on paper, we look GREAT.  Copes, without the injury would be CAA Freshman of the year and highly ranked in NCAA for blocks. The kids from Seton Hall will be a stud and with a good big man coach for Williams, the team has huge promise! 

8:54 AM  
Anonymous GMURULES said...

Chucke, we have Williams and transfer from SH next year.  They will replace Mo and Pearson.  Not to mention Copes and Arledge will be a year older.  If Gray can hit his shot consistantly and Allen can figure out the 3 ball, we look really solid.  Edwards will also improve with more time under his belt, not to mention the two Frosh coming in that will give some 3 ball support and size.  This is not even mentioning Wright who has shown he can take over a game by himslef.  Vaughns also.  the future is bright in Fairfax, get your shades out!

8:57 AM  
Anonymous couch coach said...

Charlie, thak yuo for the tip.

9:04 AM  
Anonymous couch coach said...

Good Morning, i just read your comment and i can't stop shaking my head. Why do you keep putting words in my mouth? I'm going to address each one of your comments by their number.
1) Facts are facts. Morrrison is shooting a few % points better, not 10, than he was last year. I don't contribute it to Coach H. I guess you do.
2) Pearson is being doubled team all the time this year, so, does that mean you’re making my argument for me. That’s why Morrison's numbers are up? Because Pearson is being double teamed? Morrison is wide open? Like i said, weaker opponents and weaker defense puts more numbers on the board because of possessions and a multitude of other variables. The bottom line is i don't think it has a thing to do with Coach H.
3) Coach H. was hyped up as a great recruiter. It's a fact. This brings high expectations. He did not meet them. You still did not answer my question; which recruit is the big-fish? I simply stated he didn't meet expectation and therefore he is not doing an underrated job on this front. His biggest strength is not underrated but overrated. That’s a fact.
4) My original post was a comment on yours. Your post said he (coach H.) was underrated. I did not set the expectation that he (coach H.) would bring big-fish, you did that. He did not bring them in. Case closed. 
5) I agree with you. You don't know very much about Marko. I do not either. He's not a big-fish for sure. Unless a big-fish is someone that is not ranked at all and hasn't gotten a scholarship offer from a big school.
6) Your point is not rational. I said, what are Patrick's stats? I did not say i was unhappy he was coming to Mason. Again, keep it in context; you said he (coach H.) is underrated. I want to know what he brought in. I wanted facts, not some obvious coaches comment. If you talk to someone who knows how good they are they are, they will know his stats. It's a logical deduction to ask for the proof which should be in the pudding. It’s not negative it’s common sense.
7) You've just defined yourself as a Troll. Where is your logic? Have you backed up anything in your post? I didn't write it, you did? You said Marko is deadly from outside, yet you admit you don't know anything about him. I don't think you're a troll but you’re defining yourself as one. Take your own advice, what are his stats? If you don’t know them, then don’t talk about him. It’s your rule I guess not mine.
8) Either you speak of yourself in the 3rd person, or you are not even GMU hoops. “not everyone agrees with him.” ? Who’s talking for GMU hoops here?
9) I'M NOT NEGGATIVE. I have expectations for this program and they are not being met this year. If you want to bat your eyelashes at coach H., and say what a wonderful job he's doing, go ahead. I will not. I will comment on what i see, not what i choose to.

10:12 AM  
Anonymous gmuhoops said...

39% to 49% is a 10% change. Check your math skills buddy.

Fine Coach H has done nothing, you're right. Mason must be in first place by accident while Pearson and Morrison's development must be magic. Oh look I'm not the only person who thinks Hewitt has done more with these two:

yes he's great recruiter and his first recruit here, erik copes, was the highest rated one to ever come to Mason. Yet you still have higher expectations. McDonalds all-americans aren't coming here.  don't know what else to say, it's been ONE recruiting period.

ok he didn't bring in the big fish. so that means he already failed as a recruiter here? what if he brings in one next summer? he's still bringing in more highly rated ones that Coach L did.

And I don't know much about Marko but I know people call him a deadly three-point shooter from what I have read. What facts do you have to back up that he isn't one? A stat of 33% from a non-american league? Ok I guess that means you win based on zero sources.

I meant to write "me" instead of him.

Your will never be happy with recruiting here because obviously you have this big fish comment stuck in your head and are expecting goals that will never happen here. My whole point of that big fish comment was to show that Hewitt isn't afraid to go after prospects that BCS team are looking at, unlike Coach L. You took that as we going to get 5-star kids here right away for some reason.

Do yourself a favor and don't read anymore posts here about recruiting because you will be disappointed no matter what happens it seems.  

10:29 AM  
Anonymous couch coach said...

Your original post stated that you can't argue that Coach H. is underrated. You're wrong. He is not underrated. He is overrated. He is 10-1 in conference and he's not underrated, he's overrated. I made my argument why. You didn't like hearing that you're wrong. And you are. If we are to judge if he's underrated then we have to look at the facts. You can cherry pick stats all you want. Morrison was a 50% ft two seasons ago. Last year he shot 40%. This year he's shooting 49% again. Is this your case on why Couch H. is underrated? You’re incoherent on this topic.
My point is, and it always has been, our SOS is hiding the fact that we are taking on water and we don't even know it. Your posts here make people think that everyone should go back to their rooms so to speak. Whereas i think we should get our life-jackets on. I'm not saying we're sinking to the bottom of the CAA. I'm saying: We're not getting an at-large bid; we're not being mentioned on honorable mention (top 40 schools); we're not getting a respectable bracket buster game; we're not getting television exposure because of it. Does this all add up to Coach H. being UNDERRATED? You do. I don't. Let's keep things in their proper context. Has he done a job that is underrated? In the futrue don't call me buddy, it's a dog's name; i'd rather be called troll, if you must. 

11:48 AM  
Anonymous Matt said...

Sunshine comment wasn't directed to anyone in general just sort of the other side of the spectrum from "the couch".  Hewitt does get some credit but if we flop the remainder of the season because we can't take care of the ball and were soft on the boards we wasted out last year with Pearson and that will not leave me thrilled with the staff or players for an opportunity wasted.

2:36 PM  
Anonymous overrated14 said...

Are you kidding me?!  The only one who would have benefitted under Coach L's system would have been Luke(surely he would have stayed).  Senior or not, Coach L ran the offense thru Luke.  Consequently, Luke would have had the numbers and Ryan certainly would not average 20ppg.  Further, the guards on this team would have received minimal playing time.  Honestly, I am glad the L & L Show took to the road.  Now we get to see a team deep in talent on display.

Go Mason.  Go Hewitt.  He is a player's coach.

10:07 PM  
Anonymous overrated14 said...

Losing Mo and Acorn is not that big of a deal.  Really, any of the guards on this team can replace Acorn.  Williams and/or Copes are much better players than Mike Mo.  Granted, his energy will be missed but other than that.......

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Anonymous Moses said...

Campbell, Long, Pearson, Morrison, Cornelius, Thomas, Hancock, Butler, are a few off the top of my head that developed year over year under Larranaga. Hewitt just got here. I concede that Morrison especially seems to have benefited from new coaching but you can't overlook how many players DID develop under Larranaga. Some washed out and some will not develop and/or transfer out under PH as well. It's simply a numbers game if you get the talent. Which Larranaga did. Morrison and Allen were both hyped as "big fish". Arledge too, again just off the top of my head. 
What I saw with Coach L was that when he started to get a higher tier of player post 06, he didn't seem to handle them as well and tried to hard to jam the system on them. Morrison is maybe an example. He came here highly touted but no one along the line bothered to teach him any fundamentals. He ran the floor and dunked and blocked shots and was generally a beast in high school. He's had to learn how to shoot free throws, box out, post up moves- and he has. It's a great story as long as he doesn't cost the team the CAA with a technical down the line. Seriously. I love the kid but he has to keep his cool. And he's started to. But I digress.I'm a Hewitt fan but revisionist history when it comes to Coach L isn't necessary to support this new regime and Hewitt would be the first to say so.  

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