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Update on the new scoreboard

George Mason Basketball: Update on the new scoreboard

Saturday, January 28, 2012

Update on the new scoreboard

The new scoreboard has been discussed for some time now after the plans were announced last August. If you go to the game today you will notice some of the new features but the actual new scoreboard will be revealed at the homecoming game next Saturday, February 4th.  In addition to the scoreboard there are updates to the scorers's table, which are long overdue.  Also there are going to be video displays over the four portal entrances but as the article says won't be capable of showing live instant-replay. The article has a good Q&A section to try to provide answers to questions I'm sure a lot of fans have:

1. Is there a video board as part of the new center-hung scoreboard?

No. Due to building code regulations, a replacement scoreboard cannot exceed the weight of the existing scoreboard which weighs approximately 4,700 pounds. A video board with the required size and quality needed for the Patriot Center cannot be achieved given the weight limitations.

2. Will a center-hung video board be installed in the future?

Maybe. While the new center-hung scoreboard is 4-sided and can be removed and reused in other applications, the prospect for a center-hung video board is a major project; it will require a renovation of the Patriot Center roof estimated at $5 million and would result in closing the arena for approximately six months. Currently, there is no plan to undertake such a project, but the University will be considering it in the future plans of the Patriot Center.

3. Can the large four corner LED displays be utilized for video?

They can be used, within limitation, to show pre-recorded video. However, at this time, they cannot be used to show instant replay of game action.

I think it's interesting they give "maybe" as an answer for getting a video board on a scoreboard in the future. If improvements to the roof have to be made I don't ever really seeing it happen because they would have to close down the Patriot Center for so long and there are events there year-round.  But the face lift is a nice improvement to the facilities since it looks like more funding for a practice facility is never going to happen.


Anonymous Patriot74 said...

GMU hoops I agree.  All these "upgrades" are long overdue. Of course our frugal AD makes it out that we're on the cutting edge of technology when discussing upgrades that were needed years ago.
Its so sad they go out of their way to make excuses for not adding videoscreens, and as for the practice facility thats another subject in its own. Sigh! 

As for the scoreboard. Dont know why they'd wait until homecoming to debut it. Havent we waited long enough?

12:07 PM  
Anonymous Taylormade703 said...

I went to the UVA-Miami game a few weeks back.  UVA is on the cutting edge.  Hate to say it, but we are worlds away from them.  I know, bigger budget, yada yada yada, but still.

5:22 PM  
Anonymous Taylormade703 said...

How much would it cost to build a state of the art basketball practice facility.  The whole 9?

8:02 AM  
Anonymous Patriot74 said...

I dunno, but its not like they're entertaining options for ideas.

9:20 AM  
Anonymous gmuhoops said...

ODU is building one with private funds for around $6-$8 million 

9:26 AM  
Anonymous GMURULES said...

I went to UVA/Mason game and your are right, that place is sick.  I was a beautiful arena and scoreboard/video screen.  The HD was amazing.  Really pumped the crowd and showed what a top notch arena looks like.

12:59 PM  
Anonymous GMURULES said...

I think that many of the alum would give to this idea.  Hoop needs to go up a notch in importance at Mason.  It really brings in the money since we don't have big time football.

1:00 PM  
Anonymous Dsndsn said...

Its interesting to note, however, how long it took U.Va to get a new arena with funding sources and alumni support many times that of Mason.Don't you think that U.Va wanted an upgrade too...but like my dad used to say: people in hell want ice water. When the Patriot Center was constructed between 84-85 it was far and away the best on campus arena in the state. I was looking at a promotional brochure recently that I found in a box that was mailed to all alumni in 1985 while the arena was under construction in 1985, trumpeting the new "10,000 seat arena" being built on campus. It was then the most modern on campus arena in the state, and still remains a very functional arena and one of the most used facilties of type its size in the U.S.. The lack of video replay is indicative of technology that was in existence at the time. Video replay was possible at that time, as was used at the old "Capital Centre"... but it required a very dark a arena and the use of black-out curtains at each entry portal to have video of sufficient quality that it could be seen by the crowd. The newer rear projection technology would allow higher quality video, the time involved with the  but the re-inforcement of the roof presents necessary to install such technology presents difficulties in both cost and lost income from third party users during the construction process.There are perhaps middle ground solotions such as video replay being placed at the ends of the arena....Liberty even retro-fit its arena with video screens hanging from cables...certainly such a temporary fix to get some type of video would be possible, as a closure of the entire arena seems unlikely given the lack of funding and the high demand from current "paying customers". See "ice water" analogy above.

11:15 AM  

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