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Bryon Allen's development has been a big part of George Mason's success

George Mason Basketball: Bryon Allen's development has been a big part of George Mason's success

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Bryon Allen's development has been a big part of George Mason's success

Before the start of this season the point guard position was up in the air. Cam Long and Luke Hancock handled nearly every Mason possession the season before and both were gone.  That left the Patriots with inexperience in the back court, especially after the 10-game suspension of Andre Cornelius.  Sophomore Bryon Allen and freshman Corey Edwards started off the season splitting time at the point and no one looked like the answer in the early goings. It looked like Paul Hewitt was starting to favor Edwards in late November when he gave the freshman two starts against Brown and Albany. Edwards didn't do much in those two starts and then got a concussion during practice which kept him out for two games. Allen thrived with the extra minutes and has been the starter ever since.  

In his first four games this season Allen had 16 turnovers and his erratic play had most fans and media thinking he wasn't going to be the answer at point guard for George Mason. Since that stretch Allen has only had three games where he turned it over more than three times and his assist-to-turnover ratio is currently at a healthy 1.4. In CAA games this year he is only averaging two turnovers a game. And while hemay only be averaging around 3.5 assists a game he has brought stability to the back court and it has been paying dividends for the Patriots. At times this season we have seen flashes of his ability to get to the basket and often set himself up for an easy three-point play. He also has great size for a CAA point guard and lately has been using it well to get to the basket and rebound.

The most important part of his progression this season is how he has looked running the offense. In the beginning of the year Allen looked rushed and often confused.  Most of that is gone now and his decision making has vastly improved.  He isn't putting his teammates in bad positions any more and has been a big reason why the Patriots have looked so good in transition recently.  You can tell his teammates are confident in his ability to be a floor general and that has been a boost for team chemistry. 

Most fans might think this year's George Mason squad can only go as far as Ryan Pearson and Mike Morrison take them but if they make it to the CAA tournament finals Bryon Allen will be a big reason they got that far.

[Photo by John Powell]


Anonymous Yomoe555 said...

If? You mean when. 

3:42 PM  
Anonymous Matt said...

Too soon for when, we need to see this team handle VCU twice, ODU, and hopefully b/c we keep winning a respectable BracketBuster game.  Still too many issues w/ turnovers, rebounding and shooting by the guards to assume CAA finals.  Stay thirsty my friend.

4:10 PM  
Anonymous Charlie T said...

I agree with what you wrote. It is without a doubt very difficult to play point. It really is the Quarterback of the team. Sure he will make mistakes such as leaving his feet to pass or shots out of his range but his court speed and ability to go to the basket are 2 of the things he has. Once you have a guard who can draw fouls on big men or dish off to the wings not only will zones fall apart but also Man. Someone said it on here that all the teams in the CAA have problems this year and it was to be expected with only Drexel having the most returning players but I like the race and if we can take care of the road and simply vaue our possessions we will be in every game not to mention the league.

5:21 PM  
Anonymous Yomoe555 said...

I know i know wishful thinking. Hopefully the curse of losing to VCU in that bottomless hole, left with Coach L. 

6:07 PM  
Anonymous Christopher Hirsch said...

Latched onto him as my favorite player when he played at Kenner two years ago, and stayed on when lots of fans were hating on him, even when he put up sick numbers.

6:31 PM  
Anonymous Guest said...

Can we get any more info on Erik Copes?  It's nice to see Arledge step up, but the extended minutes are definitely taking a toll on Pearson/Morrison.  If this "injury" was never a big deal, how come he's missed so many games?  I don't get it, after drexel it was just a precaution to keep him out, now it seems the coaching staff is inventing a different excuse for every game.  If the kid is healthy, play him.  If not, don't try to down-play it for weeks.  I have a bad feeling he is injured pretty bad and we're just not being told....

10:16 PM  
Anonymous gmuhoops said...

He dressed for tonights game but staff held
him out. They were worried about concussion symptoms so can't knock them for that. I think he plays Saturday.

10:58 PM  
Anonymous Good said...

Indeed, Allen is the most improved player. He is doing better and better. Key for him in future game against VCU. DO NOT RUN too Fast, that would fit the rams purpose. Learn from know Georgia State killed VCU in their own home court. Slow down! no panic for their pressure. 

11:35 PM  
Anonymous Moses said...

He is still a bit impatient and loses his composure in tight spots and has a scorer's mentality, which isn't a bad thing if he keep dishing. He puts a lot of pressure on the D when he attacks. It also allows AC to roam free, spot up, or sneak in for offensive rebounds and loose balls. When AC was handling the point and drove one thing was for certain- he wasn't giving it up. Still true. I am thrilled to have if not a pure point guard, a passing guard and no longer point by committee. Still waiting for the second coming of Jason Miskiri. Maybe this is it. Overall, you're right. His presence and play means a ton to the team. 
Using VCU's pressure against them, and getting behind their press will be a big challenge for the team. I think they'll do well. (Looking past JMU here.)  

7:32 AM  

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