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Future Patriot Patrick Holloway hits game winner against DeMatha

George Mason Basketball: Future Patriot Patrick Holloway hits game winner against DeMatha

Saturday, January 28, 2012

Future Patriot Patrick Holloway hits game winner against DeMatha

If watched the stream to last night's Paul VI-DeMatha game that I posted yesterday boy were you in for a pleasant surprise. 2012 recruit and future George Mason Patriot Patrick Holloway had a big game last night in Paul VI's win over Maryland power DeMatha high school. Holloway along with Mason's three walk-ons dominate the front page of the Washington Post sports section this morning. Pretty cool. Last night Holloway hit a game winning buzzer beater with two tenths of a second remaining to help his team pull off the upset.  Here is the video:

Holloway finished the game leading all scorers with 20 points. DeMatha was led by a kid that has committed to play at Syracuse next season.  Paul Hewitt was in attendance to witness the game winner and I'm sure he hopes that Patrick brings that clutch shooting to George Mason for four seasons.  This big game experience is something you can't coach and is certainly an asset for any kid making the transition to Division I basketball. Can't wait for this kid to come to Fairfax.



Anonymous Brentrg said...

LOVE IT!!!  Bring on next year!  Oh wait.... nevermind.  Let's do it THIS year.  Let's win the CAA this year and next year will be our third year in a row to win the CAA. 

5:46 PM  
Anonymous Nschulz1 said...

Hell yea. I want to watch him live before the season is over. What a game and I can't wait to have him at mason

6:04 PM  
Anonymous Gio said...

Sweet! More Clutch players heading our way :D

6:14 PM  
Anonymous Student said...

Lol he's already in Fairfax..

6:53 PM  
Anonymous gmuhoops said...

Haha good point, so used to saying that phrase in recruiting posts

6:57 PM  
Anonymous Dsndsn said...

Anyone who remembers the old "GMU North Campus", remembers this gym, which was the old Fairfax High School gym located next door to the old WEEL radio studios. I took one class there as a Freshman at Mason, an ECON 101 class in the Fall 79' semester as I remember, before the school building was sold to the Catholic Church in 80' or 81' to house Paul VI High School. In fact, the"GMU" baseball team used to use the old high school baseball field prior to moving to the to the "new fields" located near the Field House.  

9:47 AM  
Anonymous Richard said...

Anyone know his height, weight, position (assume he's a 2?)

9:43 AM  
Anonymous gmuhoops said...

6'1" 160 lbs, SG

More info here

9:52 AM  
Anonymous Kwolf681 said...

The Pats need shooting...looks like help is on the way. Although I like our backcourt coming in next year, having some kids who can hit 3s will help open up the potentially DEVESTATING inside game we'll have. 

2:16 PM  

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