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George Mason will play Virginia Tech in 2011 NIT season tipoff

George Mason Basketball: George Mason will play Virginia Tech in 2011 NIT season tipoff

Friday, April 08, 2011

George Mason will play Virginia Tech in 2011 NIT season tipoff

The rumors seem to be confirmed now that George Mason will get a chance to face-off against in-state BCS opponent Virginia Tech next season. We knew that the Patriots would be tentatively scheduled to play in the preseason NIT tipoff in the same pod as Virginia Tech in Blacksburg but now the Post is confirming that two teams will in fact be playing eachother as most fans had hoped:
"After taking some criticism for not facing some of the state’s top mid-major programs over the past few years, the Virginia Tech men’s basketball team is scheduled to face George Mason as part of the NIT season tipoff, according to an athletic department source.

The game will be played in Blacksburg as part of a four-team pod to decide who advances to the tournament’s semifinals at Madison Square Garden in New York."
Last season the Patriots' schedule of out of conferences opponents turned out to pretty decent despite not having any big name programs.  This match-up will hopefully ensure that Mason gets an early chance for a marque win. The Hokies will be losing a lot of their scoring production to graduation but I still feel this is a quality opponent to have on the schedule. Already having a trip to UVA on the schedule, the Patriots now will have two ACC teams on the out of conference slate, not too shabby.



Anonymous Taylormade703 said...

When are any of these team going to come to *our* place?

11:35 AM  
Anonymous gmuhoops said...

We at least have UVA coming in 2012-2013. Mason needs to keep making the tournament and winning games, then maybe the talk of local home and home series can start with Maryland or Georgetown.

11:39 AM  
Anonymous Matt Cerilli said...

I LOVE this

11:47 AM  
Anonymous c hirsch said...

I may have to go to Blacksburg for this, would love to beat both Tech and those douches with the popped collars at UVA.

11:50 AM  
Anonymous Ross_williams1 said...

Although I would love to see it, I don't see Maryland playing us much less coming to the Patriot Center.

12:21 PM  
Anonymous Charlie T said...

I think next year and perhaps after that more alleged mid-majors will be scheduled with BCS teams. Read somewhere where VCU and ODU want to do a Richmond double header with VA Tech and UVA. The only thing GMU has to watch out for is teams ranked below them who view Mason in the same way Mason Views the BCS schools. Of course it is not the only thing but it does mean we always have to come out of the gate ready to play. Want to add once again my thanks for this site. College basketball and GMU keep me young plus a place to just swap comments. Its all good.

12:23 PM  
Anonymous masonfan32 said...

This is a huge opportunity for us. Firstly, it could turn out, as gmuhoops has mentioned, a 'marque' win for Mason. Beating an ACC team at home will look good, and I'm sure it'll help our ranking.

But more importantly, I believe this represents the much-deserved respect being shown towards the Patriots. We can ball. Let's go, baby!

12:24 PM  
Anonymous Emjay613 said...

Seems like a step down considering Mason, VCU and ODU are the best teams in the state.

12:35 PM  
Anonymous ww said...

I hope VPI doesn't hurt our RPI or strength of schedule.

5:25 PM  
Anonymous Mooky_l3d said...

Won't happen as long as G. Williams is there. He made that statement pretty clear when they stopped playing in the BB&T. G. Willie is scared of Mason.

8:58 PM  
Anonymous VCU #1 in CAA said...

Maon fans Blow! Go Rams we are the new kings of the CAA. Your little 2006 run got played out. That was all you guys had over us until 2011! We have more wins than you guys in head to head competitions, we beat more teams than you guys in the NCAA tourney, we have more CAA champions than you guys, we have more NBA talent than you guys, we beat you guys 4/5 meetings in Richmond, our coach makes more money, and word on the street is we are getting a recruit that was suppose to fo to Fairfax! Anyways, thanks for all of your support hahaha. I guess we should have rooted for you guys as well, NOT! I thought it was a joke when someone said that Mason fans were supporting us but I guess it was true. Who the hell supports the team they rival with????? Oh yeah, Mason does LMAO

4:40 PM  

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