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Senior night for George Mason, but still plenty of basketball to play

George Mason Basketball: Senior night for George Mason, but still plenty of basketball to play

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Senior night for George Mason, but still plenty of basketball to play

A lot is at stake tonight for George Mason: seniors Cam Long and Isaiah Tate are being honored, the team can win their first outright regular season CAA title in 11 years, lock up a #1 seed in the CAA tournament, extend the nation's longest winning streak to 14 games, and finish the season undefeated at home. It's only fitting they are playing Northeastern because on January 12 after a 86-60 victory in Boston this whole streak began. The toughest thing for the Patriots at this point is not to lose their focus which so far they done a great job of doing lately.  Mike Morrison continues to keep the team is high spirits:
"When the Gold Team (first unit) secured victory over the Green Team (the reserves) in a full-court exercise, junior forward Mike Morrison, the team's biggest personality, hopped down the court waving his arms and chirped: "You gotta believe. You gotta be hungry. Stomach growlin'!"
The hype around this team will no doubt fill up the Patriot Center tomorrow, something you don't see often on a Thursday night game against a 10th CAA opponent.  Mason has shown no signs of slowing down during this streak even they get down by a few.  I expect that continue tonight in a game that will probably have the players looking like they are having fun, especially because Northeastern plays awful defense.

While the Patriots try to prepare for one game at a time, they can't ignore the media attention and the constant comparisons to the 2005-2006 team.  USA Today has a video up today with the players talking about those comparisons and how they want to make their own history:

Also, if you've never heard George Mason's pep band, the Green Machine, play Rage Against the Machine you should really take a look at this.



Anonymous Charlie Himel said...
Check out Jay's response at 4:17 pm... Go Cam! And DJ!

4:19 PM  
Anonymous c hirsch said...

Nice find Charlie, almost makes me put aside my hatred for Bilas because he's a former Dookie.

12:12 PM  

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