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George Mason's quick defense takes down Harvard

George Mason Basketball: George Mason's quick defense takes down Harvard

Sunday, November 14, 2010

George Mason's quick defense takes down Harvard

Early on in this game yesterday you could tell it was opening day for both squads.  Turnovers and fouls were abundant and easy lay-ups were just not falling. The Patriots played a much more aggressive 2nd half and used their quick defensive players to secure a 66-53 victory over the Crimson.  Luke Hancock led the Patriots in scoring with 14 while Ryan Pearson had 13, most of which came on the Patriots run in the 2nd half. Cam Long was the game MVP though as he collected 8 points, 10 rebounds, and 6 assists.  You can already tell the difference in his confidence between this season and last year. The team had 18 assists including a behind the back pass from Mike Morrison to Vertrail Vaughns late in the 2nd half.  Mike Morrison and Ryan Pearson however were limited in the 1st half due to early foul trouble and that forced freshman Jonathan Arledge to play 13 minutes and Johnny Williams to get some action despite still nursing an injured shoulder (still was wearing a shoulder brace).  

The Patriots brought the intensity in the 2nd half and used a 14-0 run to build a lead and never look back. During the run Andre Cornelius had back-to-back steals that he converted into lay-ups with ease. The team also had 7 blocks in the game including Isaiah Tate blocking consecutive three-point attempts and Mike Morrison nearly getting two hands on one of his.  Larranaga did have them using the scramble defense at times and it was obvious with the number of turnovers they were forcing.  Overall they just looked a lot more quick and athletic than the Crimson who didn't really have much offense to speak of outside of forward Keith Wright. The Patriots did a good job protecting the perimeter and not giving Harvard too many open three-point looks.  

Below is the post game from Coach Larranaga. should have the full post game including Luke Hancock and Cam Long.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

thanks for posting the post game video, but you can't hear the audio! :(

12:01 PM  
Blogger Ryan said...

yeah you kinda have to turn up the volume to hear that audio, sorry about that.

1:30 PM  
Blogger What Not said...

Good stuff, bad stuff.
I saw a lot of the same old from Pearson Morrison- the drama queens. Liked the effort but Pearson mouthing off to the Haaaarvad guy with the game out away was bs. Morrison- liked the effort but the rolling around and the complaining to the refs....can live without that. Honestly, I think those 2 are sharing 1 brain. Arledge on the other hand has been coached in the fundamentals and may be better than Mo right now. J Dub is a beast- wish he could shoot foul shots.
Against the Haaarvards of the world Cornelius looks great but still a turnover machine under pressure and Cam is unstoppable when off the wing but will also turn it over and doesn't pass well-but he's continually asked to. Clear out for him on the wing and no one can stay with him. Hancock has gotten stronger and makes good decisions. Bennett gave some good minutes. Hope Allen can get more time as the year goes on.
All in all, looks like last year's team but a nice defensive effort Saturday. Wonder why L still does not go to the press off the make as much as he used to.

8:58 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

You're high if you think Arledge is better than Mike Mo right now. Arledge did come away with 4 boards, but didn't seem to box out that well, and we gave away too many offensive rebounds to Harvard. Sure Arledge has a better shot and we all wish Mo could shoot the free ones, but Mo is way better defensively, runs the floor better, and even showed an understanding of the offense with 4 assists.

And I appreciate the passion from Mike and Ryan. I think it was the GW game last year when Mike got thrown out and everyone got on him for his attitude, but at times it seemed like those two are the only ones who hate to lose.

12:09 PM  
Anonymous ian said...

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