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Bowie State Post Game

George Mason Basketball: Bowie State Post Game

Thursday, November 04, 2010

Bowie State Post Game

Post game interviews with Coach Larranaga and Cam Long after last night's 113-76 victory over Bowie State:

Here are some observations I have from last night's game:

  • Mike Morrison looked very aggressive in the post and as Coach L stated in the post game he's added some new "weapons" to his game.  In the early going of this one, it seemed as the team was looking to initially feed him in the post as the first option.
  • Bryon Allen certainly didn't look like a freshman out there, I'm eager to see how he fares against DI players but it's still worth noting the quickness he has for his size. He cut to the basket often while also going 3-for-4 from the three-point line. His passing was more impressive than I had thought, especially when he gets close to the basket.  
  • The whole point guard by committee idea seemed to be in full effect. Cam Long, Andre Cornelius, and Bryon Allen all had times where they were bringing the ball up. However Cam seemed to be handling the duties the most when he was on the floor but also spent a lot of time at the 2-guard position. This is something to keep an eye as during the first few games of the season.
  • Luke Hancock has definitely been working on his three-point shot and while he didn't quite light it up from there he took more early attempts than we are used to seeing from him.  Hancock should be filling that role of consistent outside shooter which the team lacked last year.
  • Just a hunch but Paris Bennett might be used more in the front court this season than most would have thought.  He entered the game last night before Johnny Williams, played more minutes, and did a good job rebounding the ball.  I would have thought the opposite but perhaps there is an issue with Williams we just aren't aware of.  I will say that I noticed last season that Williams is not really all that assertive in the paint and I think the coaching staff would love to see him use his big body to establish himself more. They need rebounding in the front court off the bench and whether they can consistently get that from Bennett and Williams remains to be seen.
  • Jonathan Arledge looked decent out there. Wasn't caught out of position much and only had one foul. He's got good defensive instincts to go along with his long arms which should give the team help in the middle when Morrison is on the bench. 

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Was at the game. Team had lots of assists-everyone(with one exception) looked to pass first or dribble to open the floor. Love the hard picks Arledge set. Pearson and Morrison need to take note. Bowie proved to be a nice practice team. This could be a VERY GOOD season!

12:54 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Mason looked really good last night. I can't wait to see them play tougher opponents. I love the new uniforms but one thing is bugging me - PUT THE NAMES BACK ON THE JERSEYS! I know why teams don't do it, but that has not been Mason's history. Lack of names on the jersey makes it look rec league. Mason is the big time, the players deserve to have their names on their shirts!

12:54 PM  
Blogger Ryan said...

The lack of names on the back of the jerseys is something I didn't like at first either, but after seeing them in action last night they are starting to grow on me.

Also I like they reason they chose it with the whole 13-as-one concept and team unity

1:03 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Aldredge may provide much needed defensive rebounding. Allen looked good with the ball, not so good on defense. His feet are a little on the slow side and he looks to be carrying a few extra pounds.

Bennett looked good, Williams not so much. Seems to lack confidence. Perhaps another victim of the "not enough playing time to develop younger players" syndrome.

Hancock and Long still hold the ball too long. Allen much better at getting the ball moving quickly.

If Allen is not strong defensively, perimeter defense may remain a problem. Vaughans and Whack are actually quicker defensively than many of those ahead of them on the depth chart, but they still look raw. Whack made at least one pass that provoked screams from Coach L.

2:54 PM  
Blogger Ryan said...

Good point about Allen being more decisive when the ball is in his hands. He seems like the kind of player that either makes a quick move to the basket or looks to set up someone else quickly. A very nice change of pace than what we are used to.

3:05 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

The team looks to be in much better shape than the way they ended last season. Could be a great year! I agree with the earlier comment about putting the names back on the jerseys. Read this:

3:41 PM  

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