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Update on Chris Caputo and the Maryland coaching assistant job

George Mason Basketball: Update on Chris Caputo and the Maryland coaching assistant job

Thursday, June 03, 2010

Update on Chris Caputo and the Maryland coaching assistant job

Maryland fans all over the internet are saying it's a done deal and that Chris Caputo will be the new assistant and recruiting director on Gary Williams' staff. They have noticed that Caputo has been currently "friending" Maryland players and signees on Facebook, including recent commit Sterling Gibbs. So naturally that's all the evidence Twerp fans need to pencil in Caputo on their coaching staff. I am not so sure it's a done deal just yet but I am very hesitant to believe Caputo will be back on Larranaga's staff next season. At this point it seems like it could go either way.

According to the Terrapin Times it's a two-man race between Caputo and Xavier's assistant coach Orlando Ranson. Former Terrapin Juan Dixon is rumored to be pushing hard for Williams to hire Ranson. I guess Dixon has a lot more free time to be involved with Maryland coaching changes after being banned from FIBA for using  steriods back in February. 

However on the Junkies radio show today on 106.7 the Fan Gary Williams mentioned that he is taking his time in filling the position when asked. He also mentioned the new recruiting period beginning July 1st so you know he can't really be mulling this over for too much longer. But if Caputo was such a slam dunk pick for this spot as Maryland fans are saying wouldn't he be chosen by now?


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Wonder if this will lead to a game or two vs Md.-Coll.Pk. in the near future, much as would be the case for a head coaching move, eg, Grant going from VCU to Okla ?

5:25 PM  
Blogger variaban said...

Honestly, that is enough evidence for me to think he is heading there too.
Why the hell would be you adding all these "friends" to your account from the same team that you don't belong to?
It wouldn't make any sense, unless this is some sort of new tactic to lure Maryland recruits to Mason, lol.

12:47 PM  

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