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George Mason may play in Italy this August

George Mason Basketball: George Mason may play in Italy this August

Friday, May 14, 2010

George Mason may play in Italy this August

Andy Katz had an article yesterday with some notes that included information about how the NCAA allows teams to play in a foreign tour once every four years. In August it appears George Mason will be playing in a tournament in Italy. By doing this they would be able to get some early experience for new incoming players (Allen, Arledge) as the rule also allows them to play as long as they have passed three summer credit hours. Between that and the Kenner summer league at Georgetown it should keep us somewhat occupied til the new season starts.

Update: After communicating with assistant coach Eric Konkol I've learned that the trip is not 100% official yet but plans are still in the works.  The overall appeal of the trip is the chance for the team to go up against "four very good professional Italian teams". 



Blogger variaban said...

Hopefully it happens, I am really curious to see how Allen and Arledge will play at this level.

3:17 PM  

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