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Q & A with Jonathan Arledge's high school coach

George Mason Basketball: Q & A with Jonathan Arledge's high school coach

Thursday, May 06, 2010

Q & A with Jonathan Arledge's high school coach

Last month we had a Q & A session with one of Bryon Allen's high school coaches and this week we spent some time learning more about future Patriot Jonathan Arledge. Here are some questions we asked his high school coach Levet Brown.

What are Jonathan strengths as a player, what does he do best on the court?

Coach Brown: Jonathan is a great defense player-at Kima we play man to man all no zones. Jonathan over the 3 years at Kima was called on several times to guard someone 4 inches less than him. He also is our defensive player that traps all over the floor. At 6'9 he averaged 2 steals a game, 3 block shots and 12 rebounds. He is a true defensive force.

What are any areas he might have to work on in order to play well at the Division I level?

Coach Brown: Jonathan will have to stay focus 24/7 at the Division 1 level. He needs to use his right hand more.

George Mason head coach Jim Larranaga is big on defense as I'm sure you know, what kind of defensive player is Jonathan?

Coach Brown: Excellent defensive player! This is most likely what Coach L and Coach E were impressed with.

I've only seen Jonathan play a few times but it seems to me that he is a very versatile player. Did his versatility allow you to play him at more than spot on the court? And if so can he bring that ability to the college level?

Coach Brown: Jonathan is a very versatile player. He can shoot threes with consistency, get out on the break and fill lanes, additionally he can play with his back to the basket.

In your opinion do you think he can step in right away and contribute this season for George Mason?

Coach Brown: I believe strongly that Jonathan can make an impact early at George Mason. Mason is going to be very happy with Arledge.

How would you rate Jonathan as a leader?

Coach Brown: Jonathan was our captain for 2 straight years. Very loyal to his team, which in my opinion is one of the great qualities of a leader. I will never forget when last summer Jonathan opted not to go to Las Vegas so that he could be with his high school team for a Rock League basketball championship game!



Blogger Brent said...

That is very exciting that he seems to be a strong defensive player and team leader. Two things we can really use. I also like the fact that he can shoot the 3!

A small recruiting class coming in, but solid.

8:16 AM  
Blogger variaban said...

I'm really looking forward to see these guys play.
I'm looking forward to seeing Allen getting to the rim, that guy can get some crazy air.

9:07 AM  

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