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Former Mason player to showcase new talent at Mason Madness

George Mason Basketball: Former Mason player to showcase new talent at Mason Madness

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Former Mason player to showcase new talent at Mason Madness

This Friday marks the 13th annual Mason Madness (tradionally Midnight Madness until an NCAA rule change), the date when teams are allowed to start practice together. Besides from all the lay-up drills and slam dunk contests, fans will get to see a former Mason basketball player perform without a basketball. Avery Carey, Mason basketball player from 1997-1999, is now a budding hip-hop artist and producer under the name J. Shuttlesworth and will be performing Friday night in the same arena where he once won a slam dunk contest in front of the Mason faithful. Carey had to endure some time under Mason coach Paul Westhead, poor bastard, just before Larranaga came to town. Eventually Carey, spent some time playing professionally overseas but like most players it just wasn't his thing. Back in March of 2006 during the Patriots final four run, Carey mentions his team that played Cincinnati in the NCAA tournament laid the foundation for what the program had become:
"After that game, they started to be able to recruit some of the guys that we got now in the program," Carey said. "Players started to go to George Mason, and they are the guys who are in the Final Four now. We set the foundation for the future."
Any chance Carey challenges current players to a slam dunk contest show down? I would much rather see that then a performance by the Masonnettes.

Thanks to Brendan and everyone else who sent this in.

NOTE: just removed the part of their article which stated Carey was performing, so not sure what is going on.


Blogger C Hirsch said...

Any news on this?

Student Union Building II
Cleared by Arrest
2009-012683 / Underage Possession of Alcohol. Sherrod Wright, 18 (GMU student), of Mount Vernon, NY was charged with Underage Possession of Alcohol. (24/Ewald)

1:03 PM  
Blogger Ryan said...

it's a college kid drinking, non-issue. he'll probably have to run a few more sprints in practice.

1:08 PM  

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