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The NCAA just doesn't make sense to me

George Mason Basketball: The NCAA just doesn't make sense to me

Thursday, August 20, 2009

The NCAA just doesn't make sense to me

Recent Tweet from Coach L's Twitter account:
"Compliance meetings begin tmw for the new year. New NCAA rule allows us to provide players bagels but no cream cheese or butter. Love it!"
I just think it's funny that the NCAA is so strict on recruiting rules and regulations and at the same time barely slap a school on the wrist when they break any of these rules. Yes I am talking about Calipari and Memphis, whose 2007-2008 season was just "vacated". How is this considered punishment? At worst are they forced to take down banners and return some trophies, boo hoo. Calipari cheated to get Derrick Rose on his squad and the "punishment" he and his school received doesn't in any way prevent him from doing the exact same thing again at Kentucky. Which by the way was also the case when he coached at UMass in 1996. What would have happened if this kind of thing occurred at a mid-major school? Remember when happened to Maryland back in 1990; not only did they also have to vacate wins but they were banned from postseason play for two years, had scholarships cut, and one year television ban. Wow. A lot changes in 19 years. I guess the NCAA doesn't like it when a television-friendly cash cow team like Memphis isn't playing in March.

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Blogger C Hirsch said...

Is Memphis really a cash cow team now that Calipari is gone? They are a mid major in a mid major conference. Why punish the kids that had nothing to do with Rose or Calipari?

Plus, Maryland was in the ACC, they weren't very good at the time, but they definitely weren't a mid-major.

However, I do agree that the NCAA has some ridiculous rules.

10:27 AM  
Blogger Ryan said...

I'm not saying Maryland was a mid-major than, but just I think if this happened to mid-major team now the affects would be similar to what happened to Maryland.

10:35 AM  

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