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Yahoo ranks Larranaga in Top 5

George Mason Basketball: Yahoo ranks Larranaga in Top 5

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Yahoo ranks Larranaga in Top 5

Some good press for Coach Larranaga from Yahoo sports:

"3. Jim Larranaga, George Mason: Jim Larranaga -- two "r's", one "n"; you can spell this right Eamonn, you can do this -- is known nationally for one thing: 2005-06. That's the year the Larranaga-coached George Mason Patriots made their legendary run from a No. 11 seed to the Final Four, the year they beat Michigan State, North Carolina, and UConn on their way there, the year that helped reaffirm everyone's faith (not that it was ever lost) that in the NCAA tournament, anything can happen. Larranaga was the architect, and for that alone he deserves inclusion on the list.

That might be selling him slightly short, though. Larranaga's teams are consistently competitive. They've been to the tournament three other time, and would have gone to two more were it not for Eric Maynor's recent dominance. He's more than a one-hit wonder. There's a reason the 2005-06 team happened. It wasn't a fluke. It was Larranaga."



Anonymous Anonymous said...

This years squad will be the best talent Coach L has had and it will be fun to watch what he can do. I just hope I can get better seats this year. Getting Row Q year after year is getting old.

9:30 AM  

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