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BB&T Classic Update

George Mason Basketball: BB&T Classic Update

Tuesday, July 31, 2007

BB&T Classic Update

I had mentioned in an earlier post that it looked like George Washington was going to be our opponent in this years BB&T Classic, but I've come to realize that's not happening. Instead of having the local teams play each other they are matching up Mason, Maryland, and GW with three different opponents. Makes no sense to me. Why can't this be an annual local rivalry tournament, wouldn't that draw more interest? Well anyway today in Andy Katz's insider blog he mentions that Mason's opponent in the BB&T Classic is in fact East Carolina.
"The love affair with the Patriots for TV, though is gone. The Patriots, who have nine of the top 10 back that played in the CAA tournament title game, should be co-favorites for the league title with VCU. But Mason couldn't get games better than Vermont and Dayton for its new home-and-home series. The BB&T Classic in D.C. got Mason a game with East Carolina. George Mason is in the Old Spice Classic in Orlando with Kansas State, N.C. State, Villanova, South Carolina, Central Florida, Penn State and Rider for what could be the best three games of its nonconference schedule."
Not really the news I wanted to hear, as our non-conference schedule is starting to look dreadful. Looks like after Drexel, Hofstra and ODU's non-conference success last year no one wants to play the CAA this season. I'm sure at least Gary Williams is happy.


Blogger Mike said...

Not thrilled about this seeing as our season ticket prices went up.

7:23 PM  
Blogger Mike said...

Gary Williams is only happy because he won't get beaten by GW this year. Mason will whip ECU just like the last time we played them. I'm stayiong for the whole tournanment so I can watch VCU tear the twerps apart.

12:35 AM  

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