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Becoming a Threatt...

George Mason Basketball: Becoming a Threatt...

Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Becoming a Threatt...

Jay Threatt, the last 2007 recruit signed by Mason is in trouble. Threatt is facing robbery and abduction charges in Richmond, where apparently he and two other teens held a 17-year-old boy at gunpoint looking for money. Authorities believe Threatt was the wheelman in this robbery possibly showing that his speed was not limited to the basketball court. Threatt is not able to enroll at George Mason until proceedings are completed but that probably won't matter because he will likely be dismissed from the team. This incident is similar to what happened with 2006 recruit Richard Flemming, whose scholarship was withdrawn by Larranaga following a summer incident. It will be interesting to see if that does happen will Larranaga try to sign someone before the summers over or hold on to the scholarship for a 2008 recruit. One possibly is local All-Met guard Deontay Twyman, who has committed Ball State but Coach Ronny Thompson could be on his way out, will Twyman bolt too? Twyman was also a football star and heavily recruited by Mason, getting him would be a major upgrade over Threatt. Washington Post recruiting insider Josh Barr speculates this as well.

I not too upset about losing a 5'8" guard, especially considering the depth Mason has going into next season. But Larranaga and his staff still put in a lot of effort in scouting and signing this kid that could have been used on someone else. I thought if we signed a 4th recruit this off-season it would've been a forward considering Monroe and Thomas are gone after next season. Now the scholarship can saved for next year giving the coaching staff some more options. I am almost wondering if Larranaga knew he was taking a chance on Threatt and that's why he was signed so late compared to the other recruits this off-season. Nevertheless, it's still a black-eye for the basketball program and the university.


Blogger Mike said...

Not a black-eye if we withdrawal the scholarship. Trouble like that we don't need. We need smart players, kids that know better. Better to find out now that the kid is a problem than 2 years down the road. A scholarship is a privilege and one has to earn it athletically, scholastically, and personally.

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